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Timetable of Livermore History  

Index of Buildings and Sites

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Timetable of Livermore History

The purpose of this list is to provide a reference of events, particularly of the construction and demise of buildings.  The list was first compiled to help date historical photographs.  Links are provided to the building index below, which further links to the photos.

This list is a work in progress.  Items are added as they become known.

Date Event (links are to sections below) Notes Photos
1830s Robert Livermore comes to the valley   Lvr
1836 Pico-Bernal House built. This is the oldest building in the valley.  It is on what is now Olivina Ave. pico-bernel1
1858, Mar 14 Robert Livermore Dies. Buried at Mission San Jose.  He was born in 1799. grave
1864 Laddsville construction begins Laddsville was in the are of the north side of East Livermore Ave (East of Livermore Ave). laddsv
1868 William Mendenhall locates to the Livermore Valley Founder of the town of Livermore. Mendenhall
~1868 Calvin J Stevenís Livermore Mill built The Mill of Mills Square, north of 1st west of Livermore Busns1
1869 William Mendenhall lays out the town of Livermore   Mendenhall
1869, Aug Central Pacific Railroad Tracks built These are the old set that came by the rr station on L St.  The tracks were laid "Midsummer", with the first train in August 1969. Railroad1, 2, 3, Aerial1, 2, 3, 4, 5
~1870 Original Joesville building built. Called Old Mexico at the time. Moved back about 50 feet in 1924. Joesville1, 2, Aerial2
~1871 or earlier Livermore Hotel built 1st & Livermore, SE corner LvrHotel, Flag1, Dwntwn1, 4, Aerial3
~1871 or earlier Washington Hotel built 1st & L, SE corner WashHotel, Aerial3
1871, Sept 26 The Great Laddsville Fire Laddsville (east 1st Street) was not rebuilt. Laddsv
1871-4 Mallys building built 1st south side between J & K DwnTwn1, 2, Aerial3
1872-3 Morning Star (Valley) Hotel built built 1st & L, SW corner. ValHotel, DwnTwn2, 2, Aerial3, 6
1873 Construction of First Presbyterian Church begins SW corner of 4th & K.  
1874 Odd Fellows building built 1st north side, between J & K DwnTwn1, 2, Aerial1, 2, 3
1876, Apr 15 Livermore Incorporation as a city becomes official.    
1876, Aug 8 Laddís Hotel Fire    
1878 Original Library building built Building remains at 2136 1st St. Was Arrow Bakery, now a gift shop. Busns4
1881, Oct 16 Calvin J Stevenís Livermore Mill burned The Mill of Mills Square. Never rebuilt Busns1
1882 Independence Hall built. Old City Hall and Firehouse on corner of First & McLeod built. Originally the Bank of Livermore IndHall, Aerial2, 3
1882 Charles Wetmore plants his vineyard for Cresta Blanca Winery Located on Arroyo Road.  Now Wente Visitor's Center CrstBlc1, 2, 3, Aerial3
1883 McLeod Building Built NE corner of First & Livermore. Replaced by the Bank of Italy Building in 1921. McLeod, Aerial3
1883 James Concannon begins his wine business by planting 40 acres of vineyards.    
1883 Carl H Wente begins his wine business by planting 48 acres of vineyards    
1884 Diamond Flour Mill built (first mill) North East corner of East 1st & McLeod (opposite Independence Hall) Busns1, DwnTwn4, Aerial3
1885 Cottage at Ravenswood built Summer home of Christopher Buckley. Ravenw
1886 Farmers Union Built Railroad & Livermore, NW corner. Theat_hall, Aerial3
~1886 Old St. Michaelís built On First & Maple DwnTwn4, RR2 Flag1, Aerial3
1887 Ruby Hill Winery Built   Ruby_Hill
1889 Charles Wetmore of Cresta Blanca wins the grand prize at the Paris Wine Exposition.  A.G. Chauche of Mont-Rouge Winery wins a gold metal.   CrstBlc1, 2, 3, Aerial3
1891 Livermore High School Opens Opens in one of the rooms of the Livermore Grammar School.  
1891 Main house at Ravenswood built. Summer home of Christopher Buckley. See community calendar for tours. Ravenw
1891, Sept 6 Livermore Herald building burns Just east of Independence Hall  
1892 SP Railroad Depot built L street east side, north of Railroad. Railroad2, 3, Aerial1, 2, 3, 4
1892, Feb-May The Hub built 1st & Livermore, NW corner (where the fountain is now). DwnTwn4, Flag1, Aerial1, 2
1893, Summer Livermore High School first building completed Consisted of 8 rooms, on the site that is now an LARPD facility.  
1894 Livermore High School first graduation    
1896 Diamond Flour Mill burned down (first mill) North East corner of East 1st & McLeod (opposite Independence Hall). Busns1, DwnTwn4, Aerial3
1901 Light bulb at the fire station at 1st and McLeod first lit.  The bulb is still burning today at the fire station on East Ave.  
1904, 5/14 Sweeney Opera House opened 1st & McLeod, SW corner. Sweeney, DwnTwn4
1905, Sept 5 Flagpole erected   Flag1, 2, Aerial1, 2, 4
1905, Sept 9 Flagpole Dedication   Flag1, 2, Aerial1, 2, 4
1906, April 18 San Francisco Earthquake The earthquake hit on April 18 at about 5:12am.  It is estimated to be about 7.8 on the Richter scale.  Estimates of the number of people killed vary, but are in the 3000 range.  Much of the damage was caused by the fire that broke out after the quake and raged for 4 days.  
1906 Diamond Flour Mill built (2nd mill) North East corner of East 1st & McLeod (opposite Independence Hall) Busns1, DwnTwn4, Aerial3
1908, May 16 Western Pacific Railroad tracks built At current track location. Railroad1, 4, 5, Aerial1, 2, 4, 5
1908 Western Pacific Depot dedicated South side of tracks half way between L & K Railroad4, Aerial2
1908, Nov 6 Livermore Brewery Fire.  Bricks used to built a small building on 2nd St.   Aerial3
1909 Masonic Building built 1st & Livermore, SW corner Masonic, Aerial1, 2
1910 Livermore Firebrick Company begins operation At the Brickyard Brickyard, Aerial1, 2
1911 Carnegie Building built Livermore Library from 1911-1966.  It is now the History Center. Carnegie, Aerial1, 2, 4, 6
1911 Corral Hollow coal mines closed.   Tesla
1911, Nov 20 William Mendenhall dies at the age of 88 Buried at Roselawn Cemetery. Mendenhall
1913 Fuse Works at Trevarno built Coast Manufacturing. Now the site of Hexcel, and private houses.  Hexcel aquired Coast Manufacturing around 1968.  Coast was doing fiberglass weaving and coating at the time. Aerial8, 7
1914 Foresterís Hall built 2nd & J NW corner Theat_hall, Aerial1, 2
1914 Schenone Building built 1st, south side, between Livermore & J Schenone, Aerial1, 2
1915 Lincoln Highway Garage built   Duarte
1916, Aug 4 St. Michaelís Church burned On east 1st St.  Rebuilt at current location on 4th and Maple. DwnTwn4, RR2 Flag1, Aerial3
~1916 Wooden Awnings removed from building for fire safety    
1916-1918 St. Michael's church built (present church)    
1918 First Livermore Rodeo    
1919, Aug 24 McVicarís Building fire Original location of the Bell Theatre Theatre
1921, June McLeod Building torn down NE corner of First & Livermore. McLeod, Aerial3
1921 Bank of Italy building built NE corner of First & Livermore. Now home of the Independent. BofItaly, Aerial1, 2
1928, July Livermore Hotel torn down. SE corner of 1st and Livermore (a park now) LvrHotel, Flag1, Dwntwn1, 4, Aerial3
1929 Joesville gets its name. Portola and L. Joesville1, 2, Aerial2
1930 Livermore High School moves to its present site Two story red brick building with 14 classrooms and an auditorium.  
1936 Diamond Flour Mill torn down (2nd mill) North East corner of East 1st & McLeod (opposite Independence Hall) Busns1, DwnTwn4, Aerial3
1936 Independence Hall renovated   IndHall, Aerial2, 3
1939, March Farmers Union Building razed Railroad & Livermore, NW corner. Theat_hall, Aerial3
1941, May 9 Washington Hotel torn down 1st & L, SE corner. Burned while being torn down. WashHotel, Aerial3
1942 Camp Parks Established Dublin  
1942 Naval Air station established. At the site now occupied by the Lawrence Livermore Lab NAS photos
1945-53 Tubbsville built Originally named Pacific Courts Aerial1, 2
1946 Naval Air Station decommissioned.   NAS photos
1946 First use of Santa Rita jail by county Dublin  
1948, Nov Sweeney Opera House burned down 1st & McLeod, SW corner.  Called the Palm Ballroom at the time. Sweeney, DwnTwn4
1949, Mar 20 First run of the California Zephyr On the WP tracks Railroad1
1949 Firebrick Company ceases operation. Production had been on and off until this time. Brickyard, Aerial1, 2
1952 Lawrence Livermore Lab established    
1956, Dec 26 Vine Theater Opens NE corner of 1st & O.  
1956 WP Depot torn down. South side of tracks half way between L & K Railroad4, Aerial2
1950s Fuse Works ceases operation Trevarno Road area. Aerial8, 7
1959, Mar 27 Flagpole moved. The flagpole was moved 15 or 20 feet south.  Photos on this site show both locations. Date established by:  Newspaper index lists photo of it being moved on 3/31/59 (Tuesday). 
Only one event listed for 3/30/59.  An eye witness identifies it as Good Friday.  March 27 was Good Friday.  There were no Saturday or Sunday papers. 
Flag1, 2, Aerial1, 2, 4
1959, April Rodeo Grandstands condemned. No Rodeo in 1959.  
1961 Mallyís building torn down 1st south side between J & K DwnTwn1, 2, Aerial3
1962, Oct 23 Valley Hotel torn down Concrete portion remains today. ValHotel, DwnTwn2, 2, Aerial3, 6
1965, Apr 16 Fire Destroys Joesville Hotel & Store Everyone got out safely Joesville1, 2, Aerial2
1967-68 Hexcel acquires Coast Manufacturing    
1968 Lake Del Valle Built Built as part of the South Bay Aqueduct project. DelValle1, 2, 3
1969 Terminal building built at the Livermore Airport    
1963 Farmer's Exchange Hotel torn down Was also the Traveler's Hotel and Lutz Hotel. FmrEx, Aerial1, 2, Aerial3
~1969? Totem Pole carved   Totem
1969, Dec 6 Altamont Concert held at the Altamont Speedway. Rolling Stones sponsored concert that turned tragic. Alt3
1970, Mar 22 Last run of the California Zephyr WP railroad Railroad1
1972 Three Fountains (ďplanetsĒ street names) built. Between Concannon & Alden Lane, west of Holmes.  
late 1972 Intel Fab 3 Groundbreaking Fab 3 is located on N. Mines road, behind what is now the Crazy Buffet (Smorgabobs back then).  The fab began producing 1Kbit dynamic RAMs in April 1973.  The fab closed in 1990.  
1973 Livermore Heritage Guild forms.    
1974-76 SP Train tracks moved   Railroad1, 2, 3, Aerial1, 2, 3, 4, 5
~1974 or 75 ďThe HubĒ at Millís Square is torn down. 1st & Livermore, NW corner (where the fountain is now) DwnTwn4, Flag1, Aerial1, 2
1976 Lizzie Oliver Fountain at Millís Square built.    
1976 Southern Pacific track realignment in Livermore completed. Began in 1974.  Livermore & Portola underpasses built. Railroad1, 2, 3, Aerial1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1977 Joesville building torn down and replaced The rock front, fireplace, and bar remain. Joesville1, 2, Aerial2
1979, Dec 28 May School Burns. May School was on May School Road, north of Springtown.  It was in the process of being restored by the Livermore Heritage Guild when it burned.  
1980, Jan 24 & 26 Livermore Earthquake 5.5 earthquake on the Greenville Fault in Livermore.  Epicenter was about 12 miles north of Livermore at 37.83 N, 121.79 W.  Depth was about 5 miles  It occurred at 11:00am. 
Followed within 2 minutes by aftershocks of 5.2 and 4.2.
A second quake occurred on Jan 26, 1980 at 6:33pm.  It was magnitude 5.6, centered in the Frick Lake area which is just NE of the Springtown area
One death, possibly from a heart attack.  44 injuries.  Laser equipment was knocked out of alignment or knocked off of supports at LLNL.  Several wine tanks buckled at Wente.
I believe that most of the damage was due to the second quake.
1981 Wente puts champagne cellars at Cresta Blanca site.    
1982 Western Pacific and Union Pacific merge   Railroad1
1984 Southern Pacific abandons tracks through the valley.  Rails pulled up.   Railroad1
1987 Pacific Locomotive Association begins putting tracks on the old SP route for the Niles Canyon Railway   Niles
1988, May 21 Niles Canyon Railway makes first run. From Sunol to Brightside. Niles
1989, Oct 17 Loma Prieta earthquake.  5:04pm 7.1 earthquake centered in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which collapsed the Cypress section of the 880 freeway, dropping the upper deck onto the lower deck. 
A section of the upper deck of the bay bridge also collapsed, as well as heavy damage and fires in the Marina district of San Francisco. 
There were 62 deaths, 3,757 injuries, and over $6 billion in damage.  It was the first major earthquake on the San Andreas fault system since 1906.
The earthquake struck just before the 3rd game of the world series between the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants, at Candlestick.  The game was postponed for 10 days.  Oakland swept the series using only 2 starting pitchers.  The 10 day delay allowing the game 1 and 2 pitchers (Dave Stewart and Mike Moore) plenty of rest to start games 3 and 4.  SF used 3 starting pitchers (Scott Garrelts (1 & 4), Rick Reuschel (3), and Don Robinson (4)).  All decisions (W & L) went to the starters.
The 49er game that Sunday was played at Stanford Stadium while Candlestick was being checked for safety.  Stanford stadium actually provided more seating than Candlestick.  I believe that proceeds from the extra seats sold went toward earthquake relief.

I personally was one of the few people in the bay area to not feel the earthquake.  I was driving home on northbound 680 around the south end of the Sunol Grade.  I did not have the radio on as I had forgotten that the World Series game was about to start.  My first suspicions came when I entered Livermore from Highway 84 and noticed several traffic lights were out.  I then noticed several of my neighbors out in the front yards talking and my garage door did not go up, as the power was out.  Upon entering my house I found two bookshelves knocked over, and I realized there had been an earthquake.  Remembering back, I did recall a "bumpy spot" in the fast lane on 680 that I had not remembered from before.  I suspect that was the quake.  The bookselves were both facing (and fell) northward.  Other bookshelves facing westward did not fall.

1989, Nov 8 Ruby Hill Winery burns down. See photos here. RubyHill
1990 Intel Fab 3 closes Fab 3 is located on N. Mines road, behind what is now a Buffet (Smorgabobs back then).  The fab began producing 1Kbit dynamic RAMs in April 1973.  The fab closed in 1990.  
1995-6 New Orchard Supply built Opened April 1996  
1993 Pleasanton annexes Ruby Hill area.    
1993, Nov Livermore Costco opens    
~1995 Ruby Hill housing construction begins    
1996, Sept 11 Union Pacific acquires the Southern Pacific.   Railroad1
1999-2000 Albertsonís on N Livermore built. Now Lucky.  
1998, Oct  19 ACE train service started Altamont Commuter Express, running commuter trains from Stockton to San Jose. ACE
2000, Mar 26 eLivermore.com begins operation. Initial content actually appeared at about November 1999.  It appeared on the church web site for several months until the eLivermore.com domain was registered on 3/26/2000.  
2001, June 8 Centennial Light Bulb Celebration    
2002? Isabel Ave extended to Jack London    
2002, May 18 Ruby Hill Winery torn down The winery had burned on Nov 8, 1989, and was demolished on May 18, 2002.  The bricks were used on the front and sides of the new winery. RubyHill
2002 New Ruby Hill Winery built. The new winery was built at the site of the old house.  Bricks from the old winery were used on the front and side of the new winery. RubyHill
2003, ~Aug Parking garage by transit center/ACE station construction begins    
2004, spring Christmas tree at the corner of 1st & Livermore is the victim of a very windy storm The tree has been used for the tree lighting for many years.  
2004, Aug Dedication of the parking garage by the transit center/ACE station.    
2004, Sept 20 Buildings on the north side of East 1st street were demolished. Includes: the remaining portion of the McLeod building, Dutcher's Hardware building, the Valley Garage building, and several more.  
2004, Oct 7 The Livermore Flagpole was removed at age 99 years, 1 month and 2 days It was claimed to be rotted inside, but it did not appear that way when cut. Flagpole Removal
2005, May Livermore First Street Renovation begins    
2005, July 4 New Livermore Flagpole dedicated Installed on June 17, it first flew a flag at the dedication on July 4, 2005 Dedication
2005, Sept 9 100th anniversary of old flagpole, rededicated  at Carnegie Park Two sections of the old flagpole were secured together with a steel rod running the length in the center.  It was installed on September 6, and dedicated on September 9th, at the 100th anniversary of the original dedication. Dedication at Carnegie Park
2006, Feb 10 Dedication of Livermore First Street Streetscape First street was changed from 4 lanes to 2 lanes downtown, with angled parking. First Street Streetscape
2006, spring 500 seat theater (Bankhead Theater) construction begins In Golden Triangle.  See photos of construction. Golden Triangle
2006, summer Blacksmith Square shops open. Originally a blacksmith shop, the site was V&G Muffler for many years.  Beginning in late 2004, the site was renovated for use as a variety of shops with a courtyard.  eLivermore.com has a set of Blacksmith Square pages here providing history and photos.  
2006, Dec 15 Livermore Cinemas opens Corner of E 1st St and Railroad Ave.  The 10 main theaters open.  See photos of construction. Golden Triangle
2007, Jan Hexcel ceases manufacturing in Livermore. Production to be consolidated in Salt Lake City.  The site is planed for housing.  
2007, Feb 5 Valley Hotel Annex demolished On 1st St, just west of L St.  
2007, May 5 Theater Plaza opens in Livermore Plaza in front of the 500 seat theater Golden Triangle
2007, Sept 29 Bankhead Theater Grand Opening Ribbon cutting and Open House on Sept 29.  The first paid performance was on Oct 1. Golden Triangle
2011, Dec Isabel Ave exchange to 580 opens.    
2911, Dec 17 Portola Overpass demolished The old entrance onto 580 west bound.  
2013, July29-Aug 4 Inaugural Intermediate Little League World Series held in Livermore Held at Max Baer Park.  This world series is for 11-13 year olds. 6 US teams and 4 international teams participated.  A parade in Downtown Livermore preceded the start of the games. Intermediate World Series
2016, Aug Granada and Livermore HS football fields redone New synthetic surfaces installed on both the Livermore and Granada High School Football Fields.  
2018, Summer Granada and Livermore HS football field stands redone The grandstands on both the Granada and Livermore High School football fields were replaced.  The old stands were torn down immediately after the graduation ceremonies in June 2018.  
2018 July 29-Aug 5 Livermore Baseball is the Intermediate US Champions Livermore Baseball becomes the first Host team to become the US Champions on the Little League Intermediate World Series, which is held here in Livermore.  This was the 6th year of the LLIWS, and the first year that a Livermore team represented the host.  It was the first year that a host team has had a winning record (4-2), the first year that a host team played in the US Championship game, the first year that a host team has become the US Champion, the first year that a host team has been on an EPSN broadcast game (they were in 2), and the first year that a host team has played in the World Championship game.  They lost to South Korea 10-0, but went a full 7 innings in that game.  No other team took South Korea past 5 innings (two were 4 innings 15 run rules, were 5 inning 10 run rules).  The 10 run rule was NOT invoked in the game as the 9th and 10th runs were scored in the top of the 7th. Intermediate World Series
Thousands of Photos available.
2018, November Orchard Supply Hardware closes Orchard was owned by Lowes at the time.  All of the Orchard Supply Hardware stores were shut down.  It was announced around August 21, 2018.  Everything went on sale, but Halloween and Christmas decorations were brought in.  It appeared that they consolidated specific merchandise at different stores.  


Index of Buildings and Sites

The lists are in order of construction (where known) within each category.
The PHOTOS column links to pages of web pages with photos of the item. 
Photo names in italics indicate a page that is in the Local Photos section of eLivermore.com.  All other pages are within this Historical Photos section.

Buildings, Theaters
Name Location Built Demolished Notes, etc. Photos
Original Library building 2136 1st St 1878 Existing   Busns4
Independence Hall 1st & McLeod, SE corner 1882 Existing Renovated in 1936 as part of WPA. IndHall, Aerial2, 3
McLeod Building 1st & Livermore, NE corner 1883 June 1921 Remaining portion demolished 9/20/2004 McLeod, Aerial3
Farmers Union Railroad & Livermore, NW corner. 1886 Razed March 1939   Theat_hall, Aerial3
IOOF Building 1st north side, between J & K 1874 Existing 1873, extension in 1874? DwnTwn1, 2, Aerial1, 2, 3
McVicar's Hall SE corner of 2nd and J   8/24/1919, burned Original Bell Theatre location Theatre
Sweeney Opera House 1st & McLeod, SW corner Formal opening May 14, 1904 Burned in November 1948 1912 new maple floor installed. 
Sold to Roy Anderson in July 1937.
Oct 1938 name changed to Palm Ballroom
Sweeney, DwnTwn4
Masonic Hall 1st & Livermore, SW corner 1909 Existing   Masonic, Aerial1, 2
Carnegie Building Block bounded by 3rd, 4th, J, & K 1911 existing Livermore Library from 1911-1966.  It is now the History Center. Carnegie, Aerial1, 2, 4, 6
Foresterís Hall 2nd & J NW corner 1914 Existing   Theat_hall, Aerial1, 2
Schenone Building 1st, south side, between Livermore & J Opened June 1914 Existing Schenone purchases property 3/15/1913
Building planned 5/3/1913
Schenone building was the theater entrance, with the theater behind it.
Bell Theatre (1913 to 1923)
Livermore Theatre (1923-1929)
California Theatre (1929-1931)
State Theatre (1931-1958)
Schenone, Aerial1, 2
Bank of Italy 1st & Livermore, NE corner 1921 Existing   BofItaly, Aerial1, 2
Vine Theatre NE corner of 1st & O 1956 Existing Remodeled 2002-2003  
Name Location Built Demolished Notes, etc. Photos
Livermore Hotel 1st & Livermore, SE corner Before 1871 July, 1928   LvrHotel, Flag1, Dwntwn1, 4, Aerial3
Washington Hotel 1st & L, SE corner Prior to 1871 Wrecking 5/9/41 fire 5/16/41 Listed on 1889 map
No listing of initial building.
Building annex to Wash H 5/30/1903
Washington Hotel complete 8/2/1903
Palace Hotel grand opening 8/15/1914
Palace Hotel sold to Mally Hotel company 4/15/1916.
Name changed back to Palace in 1922
WashHotel, Aerial3
Mallyís 1st south side between J & K 1871-4 1961   DwnTwn1, 2, Aerial3
Valley Hotel 1st & L, SW corner. 1872-3 10/23/1962

Annex demolished 2/5/2007

Originally the Morning Star Hotel
then the Commercial Hotel
name changed to Valley Hotel 2/22/1908
Contract let for annex to Valley Hotel 6/6/1908
Annex completed 11/14/1908
ValHotel, DwnTwn2, 2, Aerial3, 6
Farmers Exchange Hotel L east side, between 1st & SP tracks (now KFC)   1969   FmrEx, Aerial1, 2, Aerial3
Name Location Built Demolished Notes, etc. Photos
Calvin J Stevenís Mill West of Railroad, just north of 1st. ~1868 10/18/1881   Busns1
Rock House old building Portola at L, NE corner 1870 1977 Building replaced. Stone arches, fireplace, and back of bar, built in the mid to late 1930s. Joesville1, 2, Aerial2
Diamond Flour Mill North East corner of East 1st & McLeod (opposite Independence Hall) 1st: 1884
2nd: 1906
1st: Burned 1896
2nd: Torn down 1936
There were two mills at this location.  See the Business1 page for a description. Busns1, DwnTwn4, Aerial3
Tesla mines Corral Hollow 1890 coal mine opened 1911 mines closed 1905 coal production stopped.
Sand & clay mined till 1911
The Hub 1st & Livermore, NW corner (fountain) Feb-May 1892 ~1974-75   DwnTwn4, Flag1, Aerial1, 2
Livermore Brewery   ? Burned Nov 6, 1908   Aerial3
Firebrick Co West of Murrieta, between SP & WP tracks (Brickyard shopping center area) 1910 1949 Buildings remained into the mid 1950s. Brickyard, Aerial1, 2
Fuse Works Trevarno 1913 1950s Coast Manufacturing. Aerial8, 7
Blacksmith Square SW corner of Livermore & Railroad 1914 existing Was a blacksmith shop, maintenance facility, V&G Muffler shop, and now Blacksmith Squire shops Blacksmith Square
Highway garage Portola at L, SE corner 1915 existing   Duarte
Name Location Built Demolished Notes, etc. Photos
Cresta Blanca Winery Arroyo Road     Now Wente Visitorís Center CrstBlc1, 2, 3, Aerial3
Ruby Hill Winery Vineyard Ave, west of Isabel. 1887 May 18, 2002 Burned in Nov 8, 1989.  Only portions of the walls remained. RubyHill
Pioneer Winery North side of Railroad between N & O (BofA site)       Winery1, Aerial1, 2, 3
Concannon Winery Tesla Road Existing 1883 Existing    
Wente Winery Tesla Road 1883 Existing    
Wente Visitors Center at Cresta Blanca Arroyo Road 1981 Existing    
New Ruby Hill Winery Vineyard Ave, west of Isabel. 2002 Existing   RubyHill
Name Location Built Demolished Notes, etc. Photos
SP tracks North of Railroad Ave. Aug 1869 1984 Tracks realigned 1974-76
Abandoned 1984
Railroad1, 2, 3, Aerial1, 2, 3, 4, 5
SP Depot L street east side, north of Railroad 1892 Existing Restored ~1973 Railroad2, 3, Aerial1, 2, 3, 4
WP tracks Oak Street. Location of current tracks 1905-07 Existing 5/16/1908 WP lays rails through Livermore Railroad1, 4, 5, Aerial1, 2, 4, 5
WP Depot South side of tracks half way between L & K. Started 1908 1950s Closed around Aug 31, 1951 Railroad4, Aerial2
California Zephyr WP railroad 3/20/1949 3/22/1970 First and last runs. Railroad1
Name Location Built Demolished Notes, etc. Photos
Laddsville East 1st St. 1864 9/26/1871   Laddsv
Old St. Michaelís church (on 1st) East 1st & Maple ~1886 Burned August 4, 1916   DwnTwn4, RR2 Flag1, Aerial3
Ravenswood house L, south of town. 1891 existing   Ravenw
Flagpole 1st & Livermore, middle of street. 9/5/1905 existing Dedication was September 9, 1905
Moved ~March 31, 1959
Flag1, 2, Aerial1, 2, 4
Naval Air Station Lawrence Livermore Lab site 1942 1946 (decommissioned) Many buildings twill exist NAS photos
Tubbsville Railroad Ave. south side, between M & N. 1945-53s     Aerial1, 2
Lake Del Valle South of Livermore, end of Arroyo Road 1968     DelValle1, 2, 3
Totem Pole Carved Centennial Park, Holmes & 4th 1969 existing   Totem


People in Local History

This is a new section and is a work in progress.  Some names are a place holder until information is gathered.
The list is certainly not complete. 
Most are from the late 1800s or early 1900s.
Many of the links are to historical photos.

Name Date of birth, death Description Links
(external in red)
Altschul, Joseph   Vienna Winery, Wineries 2
Anspacher   Store owner - Anspacher's  
Baer, Max 2/1/1909 to 11/21/59 World heavyweight boxing champion, who lived in Livermore.  He had a gym in Livermore.  His son, Max Baer Jr. stared as Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies TV show.. Boxing Hall of Fame article
Photo & List of fights
LARPD site
Beck, Charles   Owned a store just west and north of The Hub, with entrances on both 1st St. and Livermore Ave. Business 2
Beck, George   Grocery store owner.  In Forester's building  
Begbedier, Frank   French Steam Laundry  
Brenzel, Fred   Owned a well drilling company Business 4
Bistorious, A   Owned a furniture store in the first floor of the IOOF building Business 2
Bon, Charles   Proprietor of Mont-Rouge Vineyard in later years Wineries 2
Buckley, Christopher Augustine Sr. 1945 to 1922 Built Ravenswood cottage and house.  Known as the Blind Boss of San Francisco. Historical Photos & History
Current Photos
Caratti, Joe   Owner of Joesville on Portola west of Livermore Ave, and the Arrow Bakery on 1st St Joesville, Business 4
Chauche, Adrien   Mont-Rouge Vineyard & Winery, on what is how Granada High School Wineries 2
Concannon, James   Founded Concannon Winery by planting 40 acres of vineyards in 1883  
Duarte, Frank   Proprietor of the Lincoln Highway Garage on Portola Highway Garage
Duarte, Joe   Proprietor of "The Hub", which was located where the fountain at 1st & Livermore is now. Business 2
Dutcher, Norris D   Owner of Dutcher's Hardware store on East 1st street.  Until recently this building was occupied by Livermore Cyclery. Business 9
Duvall, Alexander   of Chateau Bellevue Winery, where Thomas Coyne Winery is now. Wineries 1
Ferrario, Ernest   Winemaker of Ruby Hill Ruby Hill
Gorner, Theo   Owned a Dry Goods store located in the IOOF building Business 2
Hagemann   The Hagemann family owned what is now the oldest house in Livermore, on Olivina Ave.  
Hansen, H P   Diamond Flour Mill Business 1
Holm   The Holm family owned a large ranch on the west side of Livermore  
Kottinger, John W   The first Justice of the Peace.  Built the Kottinger barn in Pleasanton. Kottinger
Ladd, Alphonso ~1828 to 11/2/1868 Began Laddsville, which was on what is now East 1st Street. Laddsville
Lamb, Warren   Proprietor of Livermore Soda Works Business 3
Livermore, Robert 1799 to March 14, 1858 Owner of Rancho Las Positas, which preceded the town of Livermore, which was named after him by his friend William Mendenhall. Robert Livermore photos
London, Jack   Author, who lived in the Alden area as a boy.  
McLeod, J.C.   Erected the McLeod Building, which was where the Bank of Italy building (now the home of The Independent) is now. McLeod
McVicar   McVicar Hall (Theater & roller skate rink) Theaters
Mendenhall, William April 20, 1823 to Nov 20, 1911 Founder of the town of Livermore. William Mendenhall photos
Murrieta, Joaquin 1829 to 1953 A bandit of much folklore.  He spend a fair amount of time in the Tri-Valley.  Murrieta's Well was a hiding place, where he could rest his horses.  "Old Mexico" (the site of Joesville or the Rock House) is said to be one of his headquarters.  He is known to have been held in the Kottinger Barn jail. Joesville
Wine Festival
Kottinger Barn
Nissen, May   Longtime Livermore High School English teacher.  A park and swim center is named after her.  
Oliver, Lizzie   Lived in the first house on South Livermore Ave, which was named Lizzie Street until 1927.  The street may or may not have been named after her.  
Rees, HJ   Rees Sporting Goods  
Schenone, L   Builder of the Schenone Building, downtown  
Smith, Emma   Teacher at the old Livermore Grammar School from 1877 to 1919.  An Elementary School is named after her.  
Smith, Julius Paul   Owner of Olivina Winery.  Now part of Sycamore Grove Park.  Julius was one of the Smith Brothers of Twenty Mule Team Borax fame. Olivina
Stevens, Calvin   Owned the Livermore Valley Mills, after which Mills Square is named.  It was located just north of the shopping center area just north of the fountain. Business 1
Sweeney, John   Owner of the Sweeney Opera House on East 1st Street Sweeney Opera House
Taylor, Will   Owned a clothing store in the early 1900s Business 2
Tubbs, George   Mayor of Livermore from 1935 to 1940.  Built "Tubbsville", low cost housing which was in the now vacant field near the Bank of America.  It was torn down to make room for a theater.  In late 2003 the theater location was switched to the "Livermore Center" and the Tubbsville location is scheduled for housing. Business 3
Utundorffer, Ernest   Worked at the Livermore Soda Works.  Was a city councilman. Business 3
Young, Archie Established the Livermore Creamery Business 3
Young, Fred   Brother of Archie.  Assumed ownership of the Livermore Creamery in 1912 Business 3
Wente, Carl   Founder of Wente Vineyards by planting 48 acres of vineyards in 1883.  
Wetmore, Charles ??? to 1927 Established Cresta Blanca Winery (location is now Wente Visitors Center).  He was instrumental in making California an area of high quality winemaking. Cresta Blanca
Wetmore, Clarence   Took over Cresta Blanca in 1895.  Brother of Charles. Cresta Blanca




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