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Southern Pacific Depot

The Southern Pacific Depot, Prior to the 1906 earthquake (the chimney is still in place).  Taken from across L street looking North East.  The steeple of the original St. Michaels church (North side of East First near Church Street) can be seen on the right.

The restored SP depot in March 2003 looking North East. Note that the brick chimney has been restored.  Several businesses now use the building.  The box car is an entrance to one business.  Just to the right of the box car in the background is the old Albertsons (Lucky) store.  The Railroad Cafe is to the left of that, not visible behind the box car.

The Southern Pacific Depot after the 1906 earthquake (brick chimney gone).  Looking North East.

The Southern Pacific Railroad Depot in Livermore, after 1906 when the brick chimney was demolished by the earthquake  Looking North, and slightly to the east

The Southern Pacific Depot around 1920

The restored SP depot in March, 2003 looking east.

The Southern Pacific Depot and Park, believed to be in 1906, following the earthquake.  Likly in the summer.  Looking east

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