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William Mendenhall
The Founder of the town of Livermore
Born April 20, 1823, died Nov 20, 1911 at the age of 88

In 1869 William Mendenhall established a 100 acre townsite on his property, naming it after Robert Livermore.  He donated 20 acres of this land to the Central Pacific Railroad for the track right of way so that the railroad, which was the final leg of the transcontinental railroad, would come through Livermore. 

The town occupied the area from 4th St to the railroad tracks (which were then a bit south of Railroad Ave), and from P St to Livermore Ave (Lizzie Street).  At that time Laddsville was just east of Livermore, being in the 1st street area about a half mile east of Livermore Ave.

William Mendenhall died in 1911, and is buried in Livermore.  Photos of the grave will be added soon.

William Mendenhall

William and Mary Mendenhall

William Mendenhall House on College Ave., 1870 or 1880.

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