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Previous Page   Farmers Exchange:  Hotel on the east side of L St, between 1st and Railroad.
Washington Hotel: Was on the SE corner of 1st and L.
Valley Hotel:  On the SW corner of 1st and L.  The Annex on the right remains.
Livermore Hotel:  By the flagpole.
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The Livermore Hotel was at a very prominent location:  at the South-East corner of 1st & Livermore, putting it in view when traveling east on 1st street, and making it the backdrop for many of the flagpole photos.  It was built in the 1800s (date being researched) and torn down in 1928.  The wooden balcony came down around 1916 when the city ordered all of them removed for fire safety reasons.  The location is not occupied by a park, and it the location of the City Christmas Tree each year.

The Livermore Hotel appears in many photos on other pages, including the Flagpole, and Downtown 1  and Downtown 4 pages.


Probably the best view of the hotel.  Most photos show only the front.  Prior to 1916.

First Street, Looking east toward flagpole.  About 1920.  The Livermore Hotel is on the left, with the flagpole at its right edge.  The Masonic building and the Schenone building are on the right.  The Schenone building is the Bell Theatre entrance.  The name was changed to Livermore Theatre in 1923.  Sign on side of Schenone building: Croce's ??? Italian & French Restaurant.  Bakery. Imported and Domestic Delicatessen"
Sign on building to the right of the Schenone building:  "E. Cadloni", "American Bakery"
Sign on building to the right of the Livermore Hotel:  "Standard Oil Company"


The Crest Hotel. Lot 10. Block #2 Northern Addition on N Livermore Ave.
This hotel was on the west side of Livermore Ave between Railroad and the WP tracks.
It was built in 1880 and demolished in 1975.

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