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Livermore History - Downtown 2

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Page 2:  West end, & 40s pictures.
Page 3:  Just west of Livermore Ave.
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The Western end and more

Most of these pictures show the western end of 1st Street, with the ones at the bottom showing the middle area in the 40s and 50s.

The Valley Hotel from L looking west on 1st St. about 1910.  The vehicle at the right appears to be an automobile.

First St looking east from a little east of L street at about 1900.. The Livermore Hotel (very end of the street left of the water tower) and IOOF buildings are visible.  Sign on far left says "....oman Saloon".  There does not appear to be any automobiles in this picture.

First Street looking East taken from between M and L. At the very end of the street, just to the left is the Livermore Hotel, with the flagpole just to its right (these are hard to see on this sized picture). On the far right is the corner of the Valley Hotel, with the Washington hotel just beyond on the east side of L street.  The sign on the building beyond the Washington Hotel reads "Oswil... Bros" (a tree obscures part of it). Anspacher's Bros Mercantile Co. is on the far left.  Across L street on the left is a saloon run by Thomas Flannagan.  Behind the third power pole on the left is the Marx-Rosenthal building (now Hawaii World).  No cars appear in this picture.

Taken from the west side of K street.  Clock appears to read 1:07, but it is very hard to read (resolution of the above picture makes it hard to even see the clock, which is just above the car on the right).  This picture is probably the same year as the one below (about 1952).

First Street, Looking east from about K street in about 1954. The Chevron station is where the Livermore Hotel used to be (at the far side of flagpole).  State Theatre sign is on the Schenone Building.  Mally's is on the right.  The clock on the right side indicates about 5:53, although the direction of the shadows would suggest that it is earlier.

First & J Streets Looking West about 1955.  IOOF building to the right of center.  The building behind the "Furniture" sign is Mally's.

The following list of store signs was compiled by zooming in on the higher resolution scans of the three photos above.  The photos displayed above are at a much lower resolution to allow reasonable loading times across the internet.  Parts of some signs are obscured by poles, etc., indicated by "...".  The signs appear to match when the pictures show common areas, except for Burton's Shoes <-> Bates Shoes, and Quality Auto Parts being missing from the above picture.

South side starting at the left (east to west):
State Theater (Schenone Building)
Club 1079
Photo above begins here
J Street
Furniture - Hotpoint appliances.  Beedes Home Furnishing.
Pool.  Dad's (root beer), Jumbo Hotdogs
Mally's Grill - Fountain
Quality Auto Parts
Fisk Apparel
Yin Yin Cafe

North side, starting at the left (west to east):
Florist, Cleaners, Dyers? Variety Store, Cafe
Schlageter's Stationary (was Cal Bicycles until recently)
Sprouse Reitz 5, 10, 15 cent store - Self Serve
Charlie's Steak House (different sign reads "Charlie's Steaks - Fountain" in 3rd from the bottom picture)
Kelly Meat Market
Beauty Nook (building still there)
Pat Dixon.  This is the old library building that was later the Arrow Bakery.  Still standing.
(2nd utility pole from the right is here)
Harbert's Dept. Store (this building currently Van's Heath Foods).
Theo Gorner Co Furniture (left side of IOOF)
C.Harlie Power - The Jeweler (right side of IOOF)
Baughman's.  Hats - Stetson
Duarte's Rexall Drugs.  Drugs, Cosmetics, Kodaks, Candies
Far right:  Burton's Shoes. ..oblee Air Step"  (upper two pictures show it as "Bates Shoes"
Photo above ends here
Village Canteen Liquors
Real Estate
Broiled Steaks
The Hub

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