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Livermore History - Aerial Photos 4

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Previous Page Page 1:  ~1960 photo with labeled buildings and streets
Page 2:  ~1955 photo with labeled buildings and streets
Page 3:  Drawing from 1889.
Page 4:  1993 USGS Aerial Photo with labels
Page 5:  Junction Ave School ~ late 1970s, East 1st ~1976
Page 6:  East Ave, 1963; Downtown ~1928
Page 7:  Junction Ave & downtown; downtown about 1930
Page 8:  1936 Photo, 1963 photo of the Labs.
Page 9:  The Airport prior to 1969
Page 10:  Veterans Hospital.

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1993 USGS View


The photo on this page is shown twice.  The first one is a faded copy with labels, followed by the regular photo.  Use the faded copy to locate places of interest on the regular photo.

The black line above is the original path of the SP Railroad Tracks

  Black Line: Original Route of the SP Railroad Tracks, which were part of the original transcontinental Railroad
1 May Nisson Park
Marilyn Ave School
2 From top to bottom:
  Arroyo Mocho
  WP (now UP) RR tracks
  SP Tracks (abandoned)
  Stanley Blvd
3 The path of the SP tracks after realignment, as they crossed over to the WP route can be seen in the earth.  The tracks were pulled up before this photo.  This property is now (2003) being developed.
4 Site of the Livermore Fire Brick Company.  Now the Brickyard Shopping Center.
5 Valley Memorial Hospital
6 Granada High School
8 The Carnegie Building, home of the LHG History Center
9 The Flagpole (Corner of 1st & Livermore)
10 Livermore High School
11 Junction Ave Middle School
12 1st Street Overpass, crossing over the railroad tracks.
13 The very top edge of Roberston Park.

This view can be seen on the Microsoft Terraserver by clicking here, or smaller, faster loading version here.
The Terraserver allows you to zoom in or out, and move around to anywhere in the country.  You can zoom in much closer than what is shown in this picture.  If your house was built by June of 1993 you should be able to locate it.
Images are provided by the US Geological Services.

Individual buildings downtown are too small and close together to point out.

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