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Norris D. Dutcher's Hardware Store

Additional photos on this DownTown page and the McLeod Page.

Dutcher's tin shop at its old location, 1876. Livermore Ave just north of McLeod building (which was at the NE corner of 1st & Livermore).

Dutcher's Hardware. First half of the existing building. Around 1884. The other half was built shortly afterwards.  The McLeod building is to the left.  The photo notes list this as 1880 with the other half built in 1882, but the McLeod building was not built until 1883-1884.


This image appeared in the Livermore Herald Midwinter Edition of January, 1896.

Taken May 17, 2003.  Dutcher's is the building on the right.  It and the middle building are Livermore Cyclery at the time of this photo.
Both buildings were torn down on September 20, 2004.  Livermore Cyclery is now on East First Street in what was the Kamps Furniture building.
This photo appears on the eLivermore.com postcard.

Listed as both 1896 and 1906.  Displays are different, but there is no noticable structural differences between this photo and the one above.

1914 photo inside Dutcher's Hardware.. 
Left to Right:
Norris D. Dutcher Sr.
Norris D Dutcher Jr ("Present - as of 1975 - Norris Dutcher's Father - Agnes' husband")
Dan Luce
John J. Jensen Sr.
Sign on far left:  "Grand Military Ball", "Company I, NGC",  "Thanksgiving Eve".  This same exact sign is in the Livermore Commercial building.
Case below sign on far left:  "Our Very Best", "Warranted Cutlery", "Hubbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co"
Sign on pole:  "Infallible"
Sign lower on pole:  "Richard? Pringles's ... Minstrels"

1949 or 1950.


Norris D. Dutcher
From the Livermore Herald - Midwinter Edition, January 25, 1896.
"Norris D. Dutcher -- Native of New York state, came to Livermore 1868.  Began as a store clerk and blacksmith until 1876.  He and brother opened a tin shop 1876 under name of Dutcher Bros.  Dissolved partnership 1877 with Norris continuing alone.  Now largest hardware and tinware business outside Oakland in County.  Married Mary Steuart Gillespie of Pennsylvania.  have one child - N.D. Dutcher Jr.  Has been town clerk, town treasurer and is charter member of Livermore Lodge of Odd Fellows."

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