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Livermore History - Joesville (Rock House)

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The interior of Joesville.  The fireplace is on the left, which was built by Joe Caratti, as were the booths on the right.  An old Juke Box is in the center, which was lost in a fire.

The same fireplace, now in the new building.  In the old building, the walls were flush with the front of the fireplace.  The fireplace is located on the west wall.  The room is extended is now extended in the new building to the right of the fireplace.

The Bar at Joesville.  Approximately 1935.  This is at the opposite wall from the fireplace.  The stone back of the bar still remains, including the mirrors in the center two arches.  The left most arch is open in this picture, but is now filled in with rock. 
The left mirror shows the cash register on the end of the bar and a clock (reading 9:20).  It is a different clock, but it is at the same place as the clock in the picture below.
The right mirror shows the grocery store area, on a wall which comes out in the middle of the building.  A candy scale can be seen at the bottom of the mirror.

The bar at Joesville during Korean War with crowd from Camp Parks - a wedding. Joe Carratis' son Albert at the bar.  Various porcelain items collected by Joe on top of the cabinets at the back include a Snow White set at the right.  An item on the wall which appears to be a license of some sort reads 1952.  The clock reads 2:28.


Joe Caratti in front of the house entrance.  The picture at the right is of the same entrance in February 2003.  This is now the Castle Rock Steak House.

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