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Coal was discovered in Corral Hollow in 1855, with mining operations off and on until 1911.
The photos below are of the Tesla Coal Mining operation owned by John and James Treadwell.

Additional Information can be found at:
Mines Road Books -Tesla

The book "History of Tesla" is available at the Livermore History Center

These two pictures belong side by side, as evidenced by the picture below.  There is a gap missing between the photos, approximately the size of the space between photos (the photos are not of the same magnification).  Approximately 1898.

This photo would have been taken from the hill to the left of the left photo above, looking across the photos above from left to right.  Note the small building with a pole protruding and the buildings near it (this picture and the left one above) and the mine itself (this picture and the right one above).  Approximately 1898.

Tesla Coal mine. The main hoisting engine over the main shaft. This engine had 20" x 60" cylinders and had 750 hourspowers.  After 1905


The next two pictures are of the Westvaco Magnesite mine on Mines Road, southeast of Livermore.

Mining tractor pulling up to load its wagons

Courtesy of the Livermore Heritage Guild
Overturned Mining tractor and wagons, with the load of magnesite spilled down the hill.

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