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Western Pacific Depot

The Western Pacific Depot was built starting in 1908.  It saw many a California Zephyr crossing its tracks, some of the early ones stopping in Livermore

The depot was used until August 31, 1951, and torn down in 1956.  It was located on the south side of the tracks, about half way between K and L.  There is now a muffler shop at the location.

Western Pacific Depot, looking north east
Appears to before paving in front.  Water tower is not in place.  No foliage in front.

Dedication of the Western Pacific Depot in Livermore in 1910.  Looking south & slightly east.

Paving is in place.  Water tower is in place, but not flagpole.  No foliage in front.

Western Pacific Depot.  Looking south east.
Area in front looks paved.  Water tower is in place, as is foliage in front.  There is a flagpole in place also.

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