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Livermore History - Aerial Photos 9

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Page 2:  ~1955 photo with labeled buildings and streets
Page 3:  Drawing from 1889.
Page 4:  1993 USGS Aerial Photo with labels
Page 5:  Junction Ave School ~1970s, East 1st 1970s
Page 6:  East Ave, 1963; Downtown ~1928
Page 7:  Junction Ave & downtown; downtown about 1930
Page 8:  1936 Photo, 1963 photo of the Labs.
Page 9:  The Airport prior to 1969
Page 10:  Veterans Hospital.

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The Airport

Livermore Airport, looking west, between about 1966 and 1969.  The terminal building, not present in this photo, was built in 1969.  It is located west of the hanger that is shown, north of where most of the planes are sitting. The runway has since been extended in both directions.  An additional small runway has been added to the south (left on this photo).  There is now a much larger airplane parking area to the west of the current one, and hangers have been added on the east side both to the north and south of the runway.  The Las Positas Golf course, which opened in 1966, can be seen in the upper portion of the photo, off the end, and to the right of the runway.  It looks very different now.  The upper left portion is now part of the airport, and the golf course has been extended to the west (up on this photo).  The lakes also look very different now.  Interstate 580 can be seen in the very upper right.

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