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Livermore History - Aerial Photos 2

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More Aerial Photos:

Previous Page Page 1:  ~1960 photo with labeled buildings and streets
Page 2:  ~1955 photo with labeled buildings and streets
Page 3:  Drawing from 1889.
Page 4:  1993 USGS Aerial Photo with labels
Page 5:  Junction Ave School ~ late 1970s, East 1st ~1976
Page 6:  East Ave, 1963; Downtown ~1928
Page 7:  Junction Ave & downtown; downtown about 1930
Page 8:  1936 Photo, 1963 photo of the Labs.
Page 9:  The Airport prior to 1969
Page 10:  Veterans Hospital.

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~1955 Aerial Photo with Labels

The photo on this page is shown twice.  The first one is a faded copy with labels, followed by the regular photo.  Use the faded copy to locate places of interest on the regular photo.


1 Roselawn Cemetary
2 Joesville (the Rock House) (See Photos)
Duarte Lincoln Highway Garage across Portola
3 Junction Ave. School (closer aerial view) (another)
4 Western Pacific Railroad Depot.  Torn down in the 1950s.  (see photos)
5 Tubbsville
6 Pioneer Winery building (see photo), later the Livermore Barrel Factory (see photo)
Granada Bowl site is directly to the west.
7 The Livermore Firebrick Company.  (see photos)
Now the Brickyard shopping center.
8 Future site of Orchard Supply Hardware, Safeway, etc.
9 Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, which is still present.  (see photos)
10 Farmers Exchange Hotel (Later Greyhound station)  (see photos)
11 IOOF building (Many pictures in the Downdown series)
12 Future site of the Albertson's shopping center.
13 Bank of Italy Building.  Now the home of The Independent newspaper.
14 The Flagpole at its original location (see photos)
Masonic Building, built in 1909 (see photos)
Schenone Building, built in 1914  (see photos)
15 The Hub (see photos)
16 Independence Hall (see photos)
17 Forester's Building (see photo)
18 The Valley Hotel (see photos)
19 Carnegie Building.  Public Library from 1911 to 1966, now the History Center.  (see photos)
20 First Presbyterian Church
21 Veterans Memorial (see photo)
22 St. Michael's Catholic Church
23 Livermore High School
24 Future site of Valley Memorial Hospital
25 Livermore Sanitarium
26 Livermore Sanitarium

Aerial photo of Livermore, about 1955, looking almost straight north (slightly east)
The brickyard is still present, which was used until 1949, but remained for a while.  Aaron and Marguerite Streets are present (lower left east of Holmes, north of the Arroyo Mocho).

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