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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2015
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Entries #250 through #256

#250 - 3 Stooges Fan Club
2nd Place:
Novelty Unit (Senior)
The Three Stooges Fan Club would like to promote health and fitness. If you perform the "Curly Shuffle" at least 3 times a day, you will have toned "abs", a strong core, and you can entertain family and friends!!









#251 - Cactus Corners Youth Square Dancers
1st Place:
Amateur Float (Self-P, Towed)
Please welcome the Cactus Corners Square Dancers. Our American heritage has always featured music – from folk music crossing the plains, through the big band era, rock, jazz, and rap. This group epitomizes the 50's and rock and roll, when patriotism ran deep and we said the Pledge of Allegiance every day, when dancing to the juke box at the soda shop was cool. Bop to the beat with the Cactus Corners Square Dancers. These dancers are from Alameda County and range in age from 8 through 20 years. The caller is instructor Ed Kuidis.



#252 - Hindu Community and Cultural Center
The Hindu Community & Cultural Center in Springtown has been part of our community since 1977. Over the years, they've grown into a vibrant organization that offers community, cultural, and spiritual services as part of its mission.
The Center conducts free health fairs, free yoga classes, a health advisory clinic, and senior support groups; they also offer scholarships to local high school students, organize a spelling bee, an art work shop, and work with Rotary to distribute dictionaries to all 3rd graders in Livermore public schools. They host many music and dance performances.
Everyone is welcome to these events. The folks at the Hindu Cultural Center believe in serving God through serving humanity.





#253 - National Charity League Inc.
Making its first appearance in our parade is the Livermore Chapter of the National Charity League.
For more than 50 years, the NCL has thrived as a mother-daughter organization committed to community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences. With nearly 200 chapters and more than 55,000 members, NCL has brought mothers and daughters together to devote more than 1.3 million service hours to their communities.
As the 199th chapter, The National Charity League in Livermore contributes to those hours by serving the Open Heart Kitchen, Walk for Arthritis, Taylor Family Foundation, Relay for Life and other organizations.
Visit nationalcharityleague.com to learn more.



#254 - Livermore History Mobile LHG
1st Place:
Classic & Custom Vehicles
The Livermore History Mobile educates residents and visitors about the history of our city. The murals you see display the established way of life of the Livermore Valley. Inside, docents talk about the beginnings of Livermore, starting even before it was a city and going all the way up to the present day. The specially outfitted van visits third grades in all Livermore elementary schools and appears at local events such as the Farmer’s Market, Ravenswood parties, parades, festivals, and wine events. The goal is to educate the community and instill a sense of pride in our Livermore heritage.
Driving the History Mobile is Ed Rominger.
See also: Photos on the After the Parade Page.



#255 - 1919 Ford Model T Chemical Fire Truck
2nd Place:
Antique Fire Engines
Next we have the Heritage Guild’s, 1919 Ford Model T Chemical Fire Truck. This tiny vehicle was Livermore’s first motorized fire truck.
The Chief of Livermore’s Volunteer Fire Department, who was a mechanic in a garage on 2nd St, built this vehicle on a Ford Model T automotive frame.
It has been restored to operating condition by a small team of Heritage Guild volunteers led by Charles McFann.
Tim Sage is today’s driver and his passenger is Christine Thompson.
See also: Photos on the After the Parade Page.



#256 - Liv.Her. 1920 Seagrave Fire Truck with Mayor & City Council.
1st Place:
Antique Fire Engines
Here’s is the 1920 Seagrave Fire Engine, Livermore’s first commercially built fire engine. It was purchased for $10,750 after St. Michael’s Church burned in 1916.
It took 12 Heritage Guild volunteers 3½ years to restore the vehicle to this like-new condition. Donations are needed to help with operation and maintenance – gas consumption is between 1 and 4 miles per gallon.
Today the Engineer’s seat is occupied by Irv Stowers. Will Bolton occupies the Captain’s seat. Will is the curator of the Duarte Garage Museum on North L Street.
Also riding in this gem are City Mayor - John Marchand, (? Vice Mayor Laureen Turner, and City Council Members - Stewart Gary, Steven Spedowfski, and Bob Woerner.)
See also: Photos on the After the Parade Page.





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