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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2012
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The rodeo parade is on Saturday morning of "Rodeo Weekend", which is the second weekend of June.  It is held on 2nd Street.  These pictures are from June 9, 2012.
Over 1500 photos were taken.  If you would like the photos of your entry, please email webservant@elivermore.com.  There is no charge.
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Entries 29 to 35

#29 - Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

Next we have the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District’s Board of Education which includes Board President Bill Dunlop and Trustees Belia Martinez, Chuck Rogge, Kate Runyon and Anne White, accompanied by Superintendent of Schools Kelly Bowers, Assistant Superintendents Cindy Alba and Chris Van Schaack, and Chief Business Official Susan Kinder. Joining the Board and Superintendent are the teachers of "Project Lead the Way" and some of their students. The teachers are Regina Brinker, from Christensen Middle School, Ravi Prabhala, from East Avenue Middle School, and Susan Johnston and Mike Waltz from Livermore High School. Project "Lead the Way" provides a rigorous and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics -STEM - education for middle and high school students. The middle school "Gateway to Technology" program, explores aerospace, energy, environment, modeling, robotics and technology. The high school "Pathway to Engineering" program, explores the design and engineering processes in aerodynamics, astronautics, and space life sciences. These programs have received tremendous support from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore Valley Education Foundation, Lam Research, Chevron, and various grants. With the robust middle school programs feeding into the Livermore High School Academy, the District has a -STEM- pathway which spans from middle school to college.

#30 - East Ave. Middle School Dolphin Band
Please welcome the East Avenue Middle School Dolphin Band, under the direction of Drum Major Abby Paterson. The East Avenue Music Department has completed another year of wonderful music making, thanks to the parents of their musicians for their tireless support in helping the band thrive in the midst of crippling budget cuts. Today they are playing "Silver Eagle" by Andrew Balent.



#31 - Napa Pepperettes (Senior Group)

An annual parade favorite, here are The Napa Pepperettes Senior majorette corps. The Pepperettes have been representing Napa since 1951. Captain of the senior corps is Nicole Bowman


#32 - Napa Pepperettes ( Junior Group)

And now, the Napa Pepperettes Junior Corps. They range in age from 7-13 years. Both the Senior and Junior Pepperettes took 1st. Place in the 2011 San Francisco St. Patrick's Day Parade. Way to go!

#33 - Liv. Heritage Guild's 1919 Model T Fire Truck

The next several entries are brought to you by the Livermore Heritage Guild. The first is the 1919 Ford Model T Chemical Fire Truck. This tiny vehicle is Livermore's first motorized fire truck. It was built on a Ford Model T frame by the Chief of the Livermore Volunteer Fire Department who was also a mechanic at a garage on 2nd. Street. It was restored to operating condition by a small team of Livermore Heritage Guild volunteers led by Chuck McFann. Gary Bausch is the driver today and his passengers are Christine Thompson and Chuck McFann on the tailgate.

#34 - Liv.Her. 1920 Seagrave Fire Truck with Mayor & City Council

Our next entry starts with members of Boy Scout troop #975 carrying an impressive banner. The scouts are Jared Faith, Steven Herman, and Sam Caldwell. They're followed by a 1920 Seagrave Fire Truck; Livermore's first commercially built fire truck. The Seagrave Truck was purchased shortly after the original St. Michael's Church burned to the ground in 1916. The vehicle is being restored by 12 volunteers associated with the Livermore Heritage Guild. Restoration has been underway for 3 ˝ years and donations are needed to pay for the gold leaf decorations on the fire truck. The driver today is Irv Stowers and passenger is Will Bolton. Riding on the 1920 Seagrave Fire Truck is our city Mayor John Marchand. Vice Mayor Doug Horner, City Council members Stu Gary, Laureen Turner and Bob Woerner. Let's give them a big Livermore Rodeo Parade Howdy!!!



#35 - Livermore Heritage Guild's, 1944 Mack Fire Engine

Livermore Heritage Guild's third entry is a 1944 Mack Fire Truck. This was Livermore's 3rd. Commercially built fire truck (formerly called Engine 22). It also has been refurbished and is maintained by volunteers of the Livermore Heritage Guild. It is being driven by Bill Junk, curator of the Duarte Garage on North "L" Street where all three fire trucks are housed. Bill's passengers are his daughter Susan Junk and Jeff Kaskey, President of the Livermore Heritage Guild.


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