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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2012
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The rodeo parade is on Saturday morning of "Rodeo Weekend", which is the second weekend of June.  It is held on 2nd Street.  These pictures are from June 9, 2012.
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Entries 22 to 28

#22 - Rotarian Foundation of Livermore Health Van
Immediately following Marty and Jim we have the Valley Care Mobile Health Unit, driven today by Lillian Gonzalez from Valley Care. This fully equipped vehicle, was provided by the same Rotarian Foundation of Livermore that Dr. Marty Plone helped found. The Foundation purchased this 39-foot, custom-made mobile health unit and donated it to Valley Care hospital in 2006 and Rotarians continue to support it. The hospital operates and maintains the unit, using it to provide care at schools, senior centers, and other places where needed. The Health Van also provides Valley Care with a key resource with lots of flexibility in case of a disaster. The unit marks a huge milestone for the Rotarian Foundation

#23 - Livermore Post #47, American Legion

Give a big hand for our next group, the Livermore Post #47, of the American Legion. Post #47 is dedicated to serving our country and all veterans. All veterans from all conflicts are encouraged to join this group which meets at the Veteran's Memorial Building on the second and fourth Monday of each month. They are a patriotic veterans group devoted to mutual helpfulness, sponsorship of youth programs, promoting honor, strong national security and a devotion to service members and veterans. The American Legion has existed since 1919 and Post #47 is one of the oldest in California. They are actively looking for new members.

#24 - Livermore Veterans Foundation/Livermore Military Families

Give a big hand to the Livermore Veterans Foundation. They are a non-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to support our troops by facilitating access to resources, both private and public, through partnering with business, government and civic organizations. Livermore Military Families is a vital group that provides networking and support for families of those deployed through monthly support group meetings and Welcome Home Events. They play a key role in the troop support efforts of the Livermore Veterans Foundation. The Warrior Watch Riders provide honor guards to show respect for fallen heroes and their families. They also provide welcome home honors for returning military. The group wants all military personal to know they are backing them by providing honor, support and prayers for their safe return. Please know that we have your back! And to all our Veterans, thank you from the bottom of our heart!






#26 - Livermore Oddfellows Lodge #219

Our next group is the members of the Livermore Odd Fellows Lodge #219. The Odd Fellows is a nonprofit fraternity organization. They have been in Livermore for over 100 years with their lodge located on first street. The Livermore Odd Fellows lodge supports our community and sponsors Boy Scout Troop 925. Their motto is "Friendship, Love and Truth" and their objective is to improve and elevate the Character of Man by encompassing the whole family. The Odd Fellows also have a cemetery on East Avenue, Memory Gardens.


#27 - Visiting Angels, Senior Home Care

Our next entry is from Visiting Angels, Senior Home Care, located here in Livermore. Rotarian Keith Beck is driving his Father's Texas farm truck, a 1966 Ford pick-up. Keith has been restoring this cherished truck for the last six years and hopes you enjoy seeing his efforts. See Keith if you're interested in finding out more about Senior Home Care and how the Visiting Angels can help.

#28 - Community Service Award Recipient - Linda Barton

The Livermore Rotary Club is pleased to introduce this year’s Community Service Award recipient Linda Barton. Linda recently retired as Livermore's City Manager. She is recognized throughout the state as a team builder and problem solver. Linda is a Past President of the City Managers Department of the League of California Cities, Past President of the California Redevelopment Association, and a Board Member for Women Leading Government. With her experience in Livermore City Government, she has helped countless community groups with their service projects. Linda Barton has helped make things happen for Livermore. Thank you, Linda, and congratulations on being chosen for this honor. The car Linda is riding in has a story of its own. It's a1967 GTO Convertible owned by Dick and Dodie Jones who bought it in 1969 from Codiroli Ford here in Livermore. Dick and Dodie had decided to start a family so Dodie sent Dick down to buy an economical, good gas mileage, air conditioned family car. He came back with this car. They are still married though.

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