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Views From the Ace Train


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Niles Canyon Railway Views of the Bay


Passing over Main Street, Looking North toward Amador High.  Pleasanton has a number of grade crossings, with this being the busiest street.  The ACE train causes only a brief interruption in traffic.

Alameda Fairgrounds Grandstand from the train.  This is the oldest horseracing track in America, dating back to 1858.  The Parking lot / ACE station is in the foreground.

Pleasanton station, which is part of the fairgrounds parking.  This is a temporary station.  Eventually it is supposed to be on the other side of Bernal.

Castlewood Country Club.  The train runs right through the golf course (the course was built on both sides of the tracks)

Castlewood Country Club in the foreground.  Looking west.

Verona Road Bridge over Arroyo De La Laguna. Looking south west.

Bridge for the old SP train tracks over Arroyo De La Laguna.  Will be used for the Niles Canyon railroad if it ventures this far.



Ace train icons by Don's Depot.


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