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Views From the Ace Train

Altamont Pass

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Historical Photos of the Altamont Pass
What does Don McLean's American Pie have to do with the Altamont Pass?  Click Here.

The Ace train crosses Interstate 5, and stops at the station in south Tracy.  It then crosses the portion of 580 that heads south to Interstate 5, southeast of the 205 split, and heads into the Altamont pass on the south side of the freeway, going through an number cuts in the hill.  It crosses 580 near the peak of the pass, going over the east bound lanes and under the west bound lanes.  While on the north side of 580, Altamont Pass Road can be seen, usually to the south.  The train will again cross 580 in Livermore as it comes out of the pass (see the Livermore page).

For most of this route the old SP railroad right of way can be seen to the north.  This is the original Transcontinental Railroad route.  There are no tracks there currently, but the track bed and old signaling poles can still be seen.

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Terraserver USGS aerial photo of the Altamont. Altamont Pass road can be seen on the upper left as it heads north.  The train follows that path for a while.  The train runs immediately north of the dark spot on the picture (I'm not sure what that is).  To the far right is the Altamont Raceway, which is where 580 and 205 split.

The pictures are basically in east to west order.  Some of the middle ones may not be.


Windmills in need of repair.   April 5, 2002.

Looking North across the old Railroad Right of way, 580 Freeway, and windmills.  April 5, 2002

Lots of windmills.  In the foreground is the now unused SP railroad right of way that was originally the Transcontinental Railroad.  March 28, 2001

Egg Beater Windmills in the Altamont.  March 28, 2001

April 5, 2002

Near the peak of the Altamont, where the tracks pass over the east bound lanes and under the west bound lanes.  The old SP railroad right of way can be seen in the middle of the picture passing under the east bound lanes (it passes under both).  April 5, 2002.

East bound lanes of 580 as the train passes over.  The underpass of the old SP railroad right of way can be seen passing under the road.  Cars on the west bound lanes can be seen up the hill.  April 5, 2002.

North of 580, looking west.  April 5, 2002


Ace train icons by Don's Depot.


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