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Views From the Ace Train


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Niles Canyon Railway Views of the Bay


Entering Livermore from the Altamont, going over Altamont Pass Road.  A motocross track is in the middle.  The Greenville road underpass can be seen on the upper right.

North Livermore, Looking West.  Altamont Pass Road is on the lower left.

Just after passing under 580.  Old SP railroad right of way is in the foreground.  Greenville Road is in the middle, going under 580.

Growing a crop of power poles. This is a PG&E facility, presumably for training.

Crossing over Junction Ave.  Doolan Park is on the far corner, with Junction Middle school beyond that.

The newly remodeled McDonalds on North P and Olivina can be seen through the tree.  To the left is a Taqueria.  Presumably both were directly on P Street before the road was diverted to go under the tracks in the 1974-1976 time frame

The new Isabel Blvd is to the left.  The diverted arroyo is in the middle.  When Isabel was put through, it had to go under the railroad track and over the Arroyo.  Since they were side by side and the trains don't like sharp turns, the arroyo was diverted north to pass under Isabel after it came up from going under Stanley and the tracks.  This picture is looking north.

Concrete Batch Plants north of Stanley Blvd between Livermore and Pleasanton


Ace train icons by Don's Depot.


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