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Views From the Ace Train

Drawbridge & Ghost Marina

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Pleasanton Drawbridge & Alviso Marina
Niles Canyon Railway Views of the Bay

Drawbridge is located on a small piece of marshy land in the bay about 3 miles north of Alviso.  It was originally called Station Island.  When the train tracks were put in around 1880 there were two drawbridges, operated by a person stationed on the island.  It later became popular for hunting and fishing, and eventually had permanent residents, and became known as a lawless town.  It is now abandoned.  Tours were given, but have been discontinued.  It is now part of the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

When the Ace Train gets to Alviso, you see boats that appear to just be sitting in the mud with nowhere to go.  What is this?  Do they get out at high tide?  This is the "Ghost Marina" at Alviso.  It was built in 1965, and closed in the late 70s when dredging stopped.  Near the Marina is the Alviso Slough, which is active.  Some of the pictures below are of boats that presumably are still used.

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Remains of the shacks at Drawbridge

Looking northwest to more shacks


Alviso Slough


Ace train icons by Don's Depot.


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