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Views From the Ace Train

Niles Canyon Railroad

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Niles Canyon Railway Views of the Bay

The Niles Canyon Railway runs trains on Sundays from Sunol to Fremont and back, purely for fun.  It runs on the original Transcontinental Railroad right of way.  The schedule as of this writing is:

First and Third Sunday of each month from October through March
Every Sunday in April
First, Second, and Third Sundays from May through September.
Their web site is www.ncry.org

Click here for our Niles Canyon Railroad photo set.

Pictures are seen from east to west.

Just beyond the road (Pleasanton-Sunol Rd) is the Nile Canyon right of way.  This section has not been rebuilt yet.  You can see loose rails and most of the ties.

Newly laid track on what looks like concrete ties.  The gravel has not been packed between the ties yet.

To the left the track is complete.  In the center is piles of gravel ready to pack between the ties.  To the right are old railroad ties that have been removed.  Behind those are track with gravel not yet packed (as in the above picture)

The Sunol depot, in the process of being restored.  The Niles Canyon Railway trains leave from this location.

Niles Canyon Railway Depot.  It is difficult to see from the Ace Train because of the trees.  The Ace Train runs on the opposite side of Niles Canyon Road and the Alameda Creek from the Niles Canyon Railway for most of the distance.

Another view of the Depot.


Ace train icons by Don's Depot.


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