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Ravenswood - The Cottage

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The Cottage was built in 1885 as the summer home for Christopher Buckley Sr. and his family.  It has now been preserved with a combination of original items and replicas of items from the period.


The Library.  This is the front room on the left as you enter.

The fireplace in the Parlor, which is the rear room on the left.

The Parlor, opposite from the fireplace.

The back doors.

The only original chandelier, in the entrance hall.
The others are replicas using this one as a guide.


A box of Smith Brothers Borax.  It is in the bathroom of the cottage.  Julius Paul Smith ran the Olivina winery, having made his fortune in the Borax business.  This was the "Twenty Mule Team Borax" of Death Valley.  The entrance to Olivina is just down the road from Ravenswood.  The ruins of the Olivina Winery are in Sycamore Grove park.  Donated to Ravenswood by Mrs. Charles Crohare.

The box reads:

Smith Brothers
Chemically Treated
Esmarelda Co, Nev
Delafield, McGovern, & Co
New York - Chicago - San Francisco


Smith Bros
Chemically Pure Borax
None Genuine without this trademark.


To avoid the use of an adulterated article consumers
are particularly requested to see that our TRADE MARK
and the cut of our Refinery and Works accompanies each


Washing. - Dissolve one heaping Tablespoon
of Borax in hot water for every tub full of cloths;
soap all of the most soiled places, and rub on the
board through one water; after rubbing, throw the
pieces into a tub containing boiling water and
Borax; let them remain there while the second tub
of cloths is being washed; rinse in one plain
water; do not boil the clothes.

In washing flannels use one tablespoon of
Borax to five gallons of water, with a little soap.
It will make them soft and clean without shrinking.

Starching. - One teaspoon of Borax to one pint
boiling starch adds greatly to the gloss - a fact not
generally known.

To Prevent Moths - Sprinkle the floor with the
powder before laying down the carpets, and put it
with the clothes when packed away.

Removing Cockroaches - Sprinkle floor, leav-
ing places open for escape; or to kill them add one
part Borax to two parts powered sugar.

Arresting Fermentation - One half thimbleful
Pulverized Borax to one quart cream or milk will
preserve them perfectly sweet.

Rough Face or Chapped Hands - One Table-
spoonful Pulverized Borax to one quart hot water;
apply night and morning with soft sponge or cloth.

Shampooing - One teaspoon Pulverized Borax
to teacup full hot water; apply and rub hard until
lather is produced; them rinse with cold water, and
be sure the hair is dry before combing.

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