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Ravenswood - Docents on Niles Canyon Railway

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The Ravenswood Docents on the Niles Canyon Railway
On Sunday, July 18, 2004, four of the Ravenswood Docents rode three trips of the Niles Canyon Railway dressed in their 1890s attire in order to promote the Ravenswood Ice Cream Social on August 8.  They were discussing Ravenswood and offering free lemonade to the riders.  These photos were from the 12:00 run.

The Niles Canyon Railway runs on a portion of the same route that the Buckley family would have taken from San Francisco to Livermore for their stays at Ravenswood.  The Buckley's would have traveled by steam engine rather than the 1949 diesel that was running this day.

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The docents on the KC Bones car, which is where they set up their headquarters.  It was in about the middle of the train.
The docents are, from left to right:  Maryalice Faltings, Sandy Silva, Donna McElroy, Kip West

Sandy Silva passes out information about Ravenswood and talks to the travelers

In the KC Bones car, ready to provide lemonade and information

Near the end of the ride, waving to passing cars.

Pulling back into the station at the end of the first run.


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