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Del Valle Dam Area

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Del Valle Dam Area
Del Valle can be entered by foot, bicycle, or horse back from Arroyo Road, along side of the Dam.  Arroyo road ends at this point, its former path now under water.  East Shore Trail goes all the way around to the recreation area to the south.  It is fairly steep going up the hill but you get a great view once you get there.  The hill is very difficult for a bicycle, but my 4 year old did it without problems hiking.

It is a little over 5 miles from the Arroyo Road parking lot to Badger Cove, and a few more miles to the boat launch area.

See the East Bay Regional Parks District site for a additional information and a map of the park.

Hiking on the trail near the dam.

Del Valle from the north side.  The two pictures pretty much line up.  The dam is to the right

The dam

The base of the dam is at the bottom left corner of the photo.  The veterans hospital main building is in the center of the photo near the top.  Below and to the right of it is the water tower for the Wente Visitor center at the Cresta Blanca winery site (the buildings are just on the other side of that hill).  The back holes of the Wente golf course can also be seen.  Above the veterans hospital building is the Ruby Hill housing development.
The buildings on the left side are Camp Arroyo, in the area where the Livermore TB Sanitarium was located.
Mt Diablo would be off to the right of this photo.



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