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Sycamore Grove - View from the Peak

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Sycamore Grove - View from the Peak
The path to the upper portion of Sycamore Grove can be reached from just south of the winery ruins.  One trail takes you up behind the winery and then by the ruins of what was to be a fish pond for a house that was never built.  If you continue on, it will take you up to a peak that is at about 1034 feet above sea level, or about 500 feet about the surrounding area.  The last portion if fairly steep.  It is from there that the following photos were taken.  The location was Lattitude: 37 37' 35", Longitude: 121 46' 32".  I ride my bike most of the way, but leave it behind at the end when it gets steep.

View from the peak in the back section of Sycamore Grove Park, looking south east
The building on the left is the main Veterans Hospital building
Just above that is the part of the Wente golf course.
The Cresta Blanca hill is in the center, near the top, with the winery below that, but not visible behind the trees.  The water tower can be seen, however (below the right edge of the Cresta Blanca hill).
On the far right, about a third of the way from the top is the Del Valle Dam.  The hill to the left of it is where the photos from above the dam were taken from.

View from the peak in the back section of Sycamore Grove Park, looking north.
On the far left is Mt Diablo.  The Costco/Las Positas area is below that (small whitish area).  A mature housing area is below that (green = mature trees) with the Oaks housing area below that (very white, due to the lack of mature trees).
The bottom two thirds of the photo is Sycamore Grove Park.  The power poles are Hetch Hetchy power, generated in Yosemite, and heading to San Francisco.  The Hetch Hetchy aqueduct is south of here, going under Lake Del Valle.
The very center of the photo are newly planted olive trees.
The white looking housing area in the center are the new houses near the Sycamore Grove Park entrance on Wetmore.  The white looking housing area to the right of that is on the other side of Arroyo Road.  The "Olivina" sign is near there, at the corner of Wetmore and Arroyo.



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