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Tri-Valley Murals
Livermore Firehouse Mural Dedication

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Dedication of "The Firefighters' Parade"
by Vera Gordeev Lowdermilk with Kean Adair Butterfield
on the wall of the old firehouse on First Street

The Fire Trucks Arrive

1919 Ford Model-T Chemical Fire Truck arrives.
It is driven by Garry Bausch, with Chuck McFann in the passenger's seat.

The 1944 Mack Fire Engine arrives driven by Bill Junk, with Susan Junk in the passenger's seat.

The Model-T and the Mack, with a poster for the 1920 Seagrave that is currently being restored (and not appearing at this event).


A current engine of the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department arrives.


The three fire trucks lined up.


Lynn Owens appears by the mural section showing him.

Randy Jennings (left) is represented by the fireman on the left in the mural.
Lynn Owens (right) is represented by the fireman in front on the mural.

Another fire truck arrives, but cannot fit in the parking lot, so it remained at the lot entrance.
Shown are current and former firefighters.

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