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Little LeagueŽ Intermediate World Series
Game 17 - World Championship Game
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  Region Team Score


Asia Pacific

Izumisano LL - Osaka, Japan




Collier Township/Chartiers Valley LL  - Collier Township, PA


Aerial Photos
Courtesy of Dick Jones.
More of his aerial photos of the game can be seen here:  http://rjaerial.smugmug.com/Sports/8-5-2013-Intermediate-LLWS/31005744_q3HDzb

Here he is flying over.


Looking west, 4:43PM   All GLL fields are visible. 
Bottom, L to R are Majors/Minors fields 4, 3, 2, and 1.  Below Field 1 is the T-Ball field.
Middle of the photo is Max Baer 1, where the World Series is being held when the photo was taken.
Upper left is Max Baer 2, which is where the Jr. 90s and above play.  A temporary fence is installed on that field during the season.
The grass oval near bottom is the Mendenhall Middle School track.  At the very bottom, the school can be seen.
Emma Smith Elementary School is off the photo to the right (parking lot & Playground can be seen)

Looking WSW, 4:46PM
Bottom center is the snack bar.  Smoke from the tri-tip on the grill can be seen to the left of the building.
The large awning is where the players ate lunch and dinner.
To the left of that is the EPSN control room trailer (See photos inside here).
Above the awning is the EPSN uplink truck.
The trailers at the top right are the administrative offices for the world series.

Looking NW, 4:47PM
Another view of the snack bar / ESPN trailer area

Looking NW, 4:47PM

Looking NNW, 4:47PM

Looking North, 4:47PM

Looking NE, 4:47PM

Looking SE, 4:48PM
Wide angle view of the entire area.
Smith School is at the bottom left.
Mendenhall Middle School is in the upper middle.
El Padro Park is to the left of the middle school
The area is surrounded by housing.  This meant a lot of people (including me) were able to walk to the games.

Looking WSW, 4:49PM
This is a good shot of the crowd in the outfield.
Most of my photos were taken from just to the right of the center field tarp.
The tarp was there to give a solid, non-moving background for the batter.

Looking NNW, 4:50PM

Looking ~SE, 4:51PM

Looking NW, 4:53PM
Wide angle view from the opposite angle of the other one.
Mendenhall Middle School is in the lower middle.
Smith School was in the upper middle.

Looking North (slightly east) 4:53PM
During most of the games, people were throwing and hitting baseballs, and throwing footballs in Max Baer Park, behind center field.
This created a very nice atmosphere for the game.

Looking NE, 4:53PM
A great shot of the infield, the snackbar, and the ESPN setup.

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