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Little LeagueŽ Intermediate World Series
General photos during the Series
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Tom Seaver thows out the first pitch in Game 4.



AT&T installing phone/data connections for ESPN.

The Fans

Left-Center Field

Down the 1st base line.

Near the Media box / Guest stands
Playing around in Max Baer Park

It was a very relaxed atmosphere out beyond center field, with kids and adults playing ball, throwing a football, etc.
This was happening almost every game, and provided a great atmosphere for the games.
A very different experience out here vs. in the stands down the base lines.


This was actually in Field 2.




Drones come to Livermore.
This RC Helicopter was flying over the field before a game taking photos of the crowd.


Snack Shack






Drink Sales


The World Series Menu

More of this kind of photo can be found throughout the game photos

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