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Little LeagueŽ Intermediate World Series
The Best of the Game Photos
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The Best Game Photos.  Big Plays, Interesting Photos, etc.

The first run of the series being scored by Puerto Rico

There is a base runner in that cloud of dust somewhere trying to avoid the tag...

...unfortunately he slid past the bag and was tagged out.

This ball hit the fence in center field just a few feet from a home run....

...but an excellent play and throw from the center fielder gets him at 2nd.

Canada scores their lone run vs. Japan

Pitcher Evan Wolfe immediately after throwing a Perfect Game

The Home Run Swing by Mitch Benson
Not a very clear photo as the camera focused on the shortstop









Diving for the ball....he then throws to first...

...for the out.  The fingers are a few inches from the base.

Same photo, showing coach & Ump also.



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