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Golden Triangle - Livermore
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Historical Photos


Taken 10/22/06.

The "Golden Triangle" is an area of land being developed in downtown Livermore.
It is bordered by East 1st Street, Livermore Ave, and Railroad Ave.

The Bank of Italy Building, built in 1921, anchors the site at 1st and Livermore.
The Bank of Italy later changed its name to the Bank of America.
The building was later the Livermore City Hall, and is now the home of the Independent Newspaper.
This building was preceded by the McLeod building, built in 1883 and shown at the bottom of this page.
The McLeod building housed the Bank of Livermore and The Herald on the bottom floor.
Dr. Savage's Dentist's office was on the 2nd floor.  The 3rd floor (I think) was the Masonic Hall.

Just to the east was the Dutcher's Hardware building, which was most recently Livermore Cyclery.

Further east down 1st Street was the Valley Garage (recently demolished), the Livermore Flouring Mills, and later the Diamond Flour Mill, and a lumber yard.  Various warehouses were on the north side of the property.
Of the buildings mentioned above, only the Bank of Italy building remains.

The Southern Pacific Railroad originally ran through the middle of the Golden triangle, as can be seen in the drawing and some of the aerial photos below.  It was relocated around 1976 to the present track location.
The original St. Michael's church was NOT in the Golden Triangle, but was just east of what is now Sunrise Mountain Sports.

Most recently the north portion of the Golden Triangle was a temporary ACE station parking lot which was used while the parking garage was being built.

What is being built now is:
A 500 seat Performing Arts Theater.
A 13 screen movie theater (Opening December 15, 2006
About 32,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.
About 43,000 square feet of second and third floor office space.
Two outdoor dining areas facing the public plaza.

Several of the images below have a black line showing the Golden Triangle.

This image is taken from a poster drawn in 1889, looking south west.  This poster is a drawing of the entire city at that time.  The full poster can be seen here.
#57 is the Livermore Flouring Mills
#58 if Ricky's Planing Mills
#60 is the McLeod Building (prior to the Bank of Italy Building)
#62 is the Horton & Kennedy Lumber Yard
#63 is the Livermore Warehouse Co. Warehouses
#49 is the original St. Michael's church

This is a portion of an aerial photo around 1960, looking southwest.  See the entire photo here.
The dark line shows the Golden Triangle
Note that there are still warehouse buildings where they were in the 1889 drawing, but these would be newer buildings.

Aerial photo, taken around 1960 or 61, looking northwest.  This is the lower right corner of the photo, so not all of the Golden Triangle was on the photo.  See the entire photo here.
The railroad tracks on the right side run through the Golden Triangle.  They were moved around 1976.


Aerial Photo, taken around, looking northwest.  This is a tiny portion of an aerial photo.  See the entire photo here.

Around 1920, looking northeast.
On the left is the remaining portion of the McLeod Building, then Dutcher's hardware.  Both of these buildings were later Livermore Cyclery.  They were torn down September 20, 2004.
In the middle is the Valley Garage, also torn down in 2004.  On the right (2 story building) is the Diamond Flour Mill, torn down in 1936.

Dutcher's Hardware on East 1st St.  This image appeared in the Livermore Herald Midwinter Edition of January, 1896.

McLeod Building, on the North East corner of 1st & Livermore, looking north.  Dutcher's Hardware store is the two story building on the right.  The Farmers Union building (Railroad & Livermore Ave) can just barely be seen on the left (3 upstairs windows with overhang below), just to the right of a warehouse on the far left.
The Bank of Italy Building, now occupied by the Independent Newspaper, is now at this site.
More McLeod building photos

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