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Golden Triangle - Livermore
Page 2 - The Old Structures

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The Old Structures

The back of the Valley garage in the 1930s on the north side of east 1st St.
The sign just above the door says: "Aylward? & Phillips, Prop."

The valley garage building from the back, March 22, 2003.

Taken from in the Golden Triangle toward the corner of 1st and Railroad (where the movie theater entrance is now.
What you see is the remains of a used car lot.  It was a Hertz Sales site for a time.
Photo by Bob Myers

Two of the old warehouse buildings on Railroad Ave.
They can be seen on some of the aerial photos on the first page.
These buildings were torn down around 2001 or 2002.  Photo by Bob Myers


East First Street, looking north west.  3/22/03
Off the left side of the photo would be Livermore Cyclery (Dutcher's).
The Blue awnings are on the old Valley Garage, most recently a carpet store.

Continuation view (to the east) from the photo above.  3/22/03

The back of the buildings that were on First Street.  The Valley Garage building is on the far right.  May 22, 2003

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