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Stanford University
From the Air

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Moffett Field Stanford
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Stanford University is easy to spot from the air, with the red roofs.

Looking West.
The white line is the Stanford Linear Accelerator.
Stanford is near the bottom.
Taken April 20, 2005, 6:13AM  6-4:81 

Looking west (and slightly south).
Stanford University is near the bottom in the center.
The stadium on on the far right, near the bottom.
The Linear Accelerator is again visible at the top.
Taken March 31, 2005  7:16AM 6-3:30

Looking North-West.  The stadium in near the top, in the center.
Stanford is easy to spot from the air with all of the red roofs.
April 20, 2005  4:34PM   6-4:143

Similar to the previous photo, also looking North-West.
Taken March 31, 2005  5:42PM  6-3:98



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