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Bridges in the Bay
San Mateo, Dumbarton, Benicia, and Carquinez

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Golden Gate Bridge (1) Oakland & Alameda
Golden Gate Bridge (2) San Francisco
Bay Bridge & Islands San Jose
San Mateo, Benicia, & Dumbarton  Bridges San Quentin
Moffett Field Stanford
Candlestick & SBC Parks  

San Mateo, Dumbarton, Benicia, and Carquinez Bridges, from the air.
Including the Naval Mothball Fleet.


San Mateo Bridge, looking east.
Taken June 10, 2005  5:29PM  6-7:170


Dumbarton Bridge on the left, with the railroad bridge on the right.
The Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct passes under the bay at this point.
Taken June 10, 2005, 5:31PM  6-7:178

Dumbarton Bridge, looking south east.
Taken April 20, 2005  6:14PM 6-4:85

The Benicia Bridge, looking west.
The automobile bridge is at the top (west), with the railroad bridge next to it.  The new Benicia Bridge is below that, under construction.
The western edge of the Navy Mothball Fleet is at the lower right corner.
Taken April 20, 2005  6:20AM  6-4:87

The Navy Mothball Fleet.
The flight path did not allow me to get the entire fleet in the photo.
The Benicia Bridge is at the top.
Taken April 20, 2005 6:21AM   6-4:90

A view of the Mothball fleet and the Benicia Bridge.
Taken March 31, 2005  7:23AM 6-3:51

This photo is looking east across the Sacramento River outlet.
The Carquinez bridge is in the center, with the Benicia Bridge beyond that (difficult to see)
The Mothball fleet can be clearly seen, however.
Taken August 10, 2005, 7:06PM  5-2:3    Note:  #7 may be better!!

The Carquinez Bridge in the center, as the Sacramento River empties into the bay.  This photo is looking south west.
March 31, 2005  7:23AM  6-3:54

Taken just seconds after the photo above, the Carquinez bridge can be seen near the bottom.  Marin is on the right under the edge of the wing.  San Francisco is to the right of the engine.
Taken March 31, 2005  7:23AM  6-3:55

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