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Page 5:  Drilling rig, Sporting Goods, Telephone office, French Laundry
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Drilling rig, Sporting Goods, Telephone office, French Laundry.

Fred Brenzel's Rig, drilling a well.  Probably about 1900.

HJ Rees' Sporting Goods in 1935.  Located in the building directly to the east of the Bank of Italy building (The Independent Newspaper).  Part of Livermore Cyclery is now in that location.  This building is the only portion of the McLeod building (see photos) which remains.
Brand names in the window include: The Post Enquirer, Electra pipes, Hi Plane tobacco, McCalls, Remington Shotguns "Kleanbore Shor Shot", and Eveready.

Sunset Telephone Office. Between 1st & 2nd on South Livermore Ave., Livermore, about 1896

Livermore French Steam Laundry owned by Frank Begbedier.  Located on the south side of 2nd St, east of J, beside the McVicar building (which can be seen on the right edge of the picture).  Both buildings burned down August 24, 1919.

Livermore French Laundry. L St. between First and 2nd, where the Frazee Paint building is now. Rheimers to the "left" of Laundry. Mr. & Mrs LaFon in front of Laundry. Originally was Leon Bonne's Laundry, built in 1930 and later sold it to the LaFons.
Peter Boragni Real Estate and Insurance on the right.

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