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Butcher Shops & Markets, Carriage Factory, Building Supply


Grand Central Market, probably December 1897.
North side of 1st St between J and K, just west of the original library building.
Signs (on the hanging meat): "Happy New Year", "Merry Christmas"

Quotes written on the back of the photo, probably from a newspaper:
7/8/1897 A committee awarded prizes for floats in 4th of July Parade. Grand Central Market got 2nd prize.
12/23/1897 "Frank Fennon has a fine display of Christmas meats at Grand Central Market"

California Market.  This appears to be the same building as the above market.

Murray Butcher Shop George Collier & Dan Murray, Butchers. Circa 1885-1930. Livermore, California.



JH Dutcher Carriage Factory, 1896
Located on the south side 2nd between J and K.
This building was torn down about 1956-57 when the lot was cleared for the new B of A building (no longer B of A).
The site is now a parking lot.
"Paint Shop", "General Repairing", Horse Shoeing", All Work Guaranteed"
"J.H. Dutcher Prop."
Notice the person straddling the upstairs window.

Livermore Builder's Supply Co. on the SE corner of Railroad and L St. looking south.  Railroad Ave is in the foreground with L street on the far right.  The SP railroad depot is behind these buildings.  The chimney on the far right seen over the rear building might be the depot chimney, as other angles do not show it on this building itself.  One of the railroad depot pictures shows these buildings from the back (see photo).  The building on the right side is the IOOF building on 1st St.

This area is now the parking lot between the depot and Railroad Ave, and also part of the road itself.  Railroad Ave now takes a southward jog starting just to the left of this picture, and has been widened, putting the front building in the street.  The rear buildings are in the parking lot.
This photo is from the late 60s or early 70s.

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