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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2018
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#101  Big Red from Lucky Supermarkets
1st Place - Commercial

Here comes Big Red from Lucky Supermarkets! Lucky has two stores in Livermore, for all of your grocery needs. One is located at Portola Avenue and Livermore Avenue, the other is on Holmes Street at Concannon. Stop by today!


#102  Spot the Truck
3rd Place - Antique Vehicles

Jim Arnold is driving this Dodge B-3 panel truck named "Spot." Resa Arnold, his lovely bride of 36 years, and son Jacob are on board for the fun.

Jim has owned the truck since 1971. It's powered by the original Flat Head 6 231CID that delivers a whopping 95 horsepower. Jim and Resa have had many great road trips over the years in this vehicle. The truck has gone as far north as Fairbanks, Alaska, and as far south as Mazatlan, Mexico. The Arnolds recently had the truck repainted and the interior completely redone. Now it's ready for another 45 years.



#103  Livermore Elementary After School Band
"My School Band" is an elementary school band program for 4th and 5th graders. Marching today are students from Arroyo Seco, Smith, Jackson, and Sunset schools. Many of these youngsters just started 8 months ago. Not bad!




#104  Gillig
Gillig, the largest transit bus manufacturer in America, recently move to Livermore, providing jobs for 1000 people. Gillig builds 2000 buses a year, including our local LAVTA buses. This very bus departs for New York after the parade today.



#105  Wheels (LvAmVyTrAth) Rideo Bus
This 1966 Rideo bus is owned by the Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority, operator of Wheels and Rapid bus services.

This bus was originally part of Livermore's Rideo fleet. When LAVTA assumed operation of tri valley bus services in the mid-80's, it acquired this historic treasure from the City of Livermore. But the bus was in need of major restoration. Scott Haggerty, our County Supervisor and LAVTA board member, played a major role in the Rideo bus restoration by securing federal funds to rehabilitate this piece of Livermore's history to its former glory.


#106  Wheels (LvAmVyTrAth) Modern Gillig Bus
Transitioning from the past to the present, this Wheels bus is a 2017 Gillig bus built right here in Livermore. The bus operates on Route 580X, which can get you from the Transit Center in downtown Livermore to the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART station in 23 minutes.

Visit wheelsbus.com for more information.


#107  East Bay Regional Parks District
3rd Place - Commercial

The East Bay Regional Park District has over 121,000 acres of parkland with 73 Regional Parks throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.
There's swimming, camping, picnicking, play areas, open space parks, paved and unpaved trails, and more. There is so much to do and see in your Regional Parks.
Del Valle Park right here in Livermore is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year!!!
Board Member, Ayn Wieskamp is riding with our fire department today and the District’s Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol is here today as well.











#108  BackCounty Horsemen of California-High Sierra Unit V
1st Place - Working Western (Senior)

The Back Country Horsemen of California High Sierra Unit V are dedicated to protecting and preserving backcountry access. They subscribe to the principles of "gentle use" and "leave no trace." The High Sierra unit enjoys the Sierra Nevadas near Sequoia National Park.
#109  Livermore/Pleasanton Fire Department
Here comes Livermore's BRT – the Big Red Truck!
This is the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department's Truck 96 from Fire Station 6 on East Avenue. That's also the home of the Centennial Light Bulb.
The cities of Livermore and Pleasanton consolidated their fire departments in 1996 to form the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department.
On behalf of Chief Ruben Torres and the men and women of the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, have a safe and enjoyable Rodeo weekend!





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