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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2018
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#6B  Livermore Stockmenís Rodeo Association (LSRA) President Dave Finster
In a 1930 Model A, driven by past president Craig Rivers, we have the 2018 Livermore Stockmen's Rodeo Association President, Dave Finster. He is looking forward to seeing all of the rodeo fans this weekend at Livermore's 100th World's Faster Rodeo.




#7  Tractor driven by Steve Dudgeon with the Livermore Rodeo Past Presidents
Pulled by a 1948 McCormick Farmall Tractor, driven by Steve Dudgeon are some of the Rodeo Association's past presidents: John Foscalina, John Greci,, Tim Ponder, Bob Henry, Dan Sachau, Dave Fagundas, Steve Hollstron, Stan Kueffer, John Goltz and Donnie Perry.


#8  Past LSRA President and 2005 Livermore Rodeo Parade Grand Marshall Ralph Laughlin
Next is Ralph Laughlin, who is a Past Livermore Rodeo President and was Livermore Rodeo Parade Grand Marshall in 2005.


#9  Livermore Rodeo 1st Stage Coach With 100th Rodeo Committee
And here is one of the Livermore Rodeo stage coaches, carrying the Livermore Rodeo Board members and the 100th year Rodeo Committee.  It is driven by Mel Silva.






#10  Livermore Rodeo 2nd Stage Coach With 1st Place Window Winner
This second stage coach, driven by Shawn Silva, is carrying 1st place Window Winner.




#11  Livermore Rodeo Princesses
After the queens and the dignitaries come the princesses, here in a horse-drawn open carriage driven by Carrie Osborn.
The six Miss Livermore Rodeo Princesses for 2018 are:
  • Abigail Moore
  • Aubrie Buck
  • Ava Lytle
  • Eleanor Thornberry-Sherrod
  • Ivy Winters
  • Jules Rosa

Riding with them are Past President Don Staysa, Royalty Coordinator Kim Connors, and the Princess Committee.





#11A  Truck from Inderbitzen Ranch


#12  2018 Livermore Rodeo Parade Grand Marshall Dorothy Basso
Here is our Grand Marshall of the parade, Dorothy Basso, riding with her son, Steve Basso, and her daughter, Sandra Inderbitzen.

Dorothy is a native of Livermore, attended 5th Street School and Livermore High. She's been coming to the rodeo since she was a child and has been involved with it for over 40 years, helping in many ways. She makes friends everywhere she goes, and is a very independent 92-year-old, loved and respected by everyone who knows her. Congratulations, Dorothy, on being our Grand Marshall for this 100th Annual Livermore Rodeo year.

Sandra Inderbitzen is the 2018 Cowgirl Honoree for Livermore Rodeo. She is an LSRA Stockholder, ACTRA Director, Lifelong Livermore Cattlewoman and supporter of more rodeo events than we can list. She's a true western legacy




#13  Community Service Award Recipient Kathleen Minser
And here, on horseback, is our Community Service Award winner, Kathleen Minser. Kathleen has been very active in the community for many years. She has been President of the Livermore Rodeo Foundation since it was founded in 2008 and she has served on the Executive Committee of Little League Intermediate World Series, Granada Little League President, Livermore Valley Rotary Club President, Granada High School Football Coordinator, and Board member for the Las Positas Community College Foundation. A very busy woman!

Kathleen was born and raised in Livermore, graduated from Livermore High, and after 25 years with Waste Management she retired and is now a realtor.

She is proud to have her mom, Juanita Baker with her and to have raised her two sons, Tyler, and Cody in her hometown. She is dedicated to the Livermore community and to helping organizations achieve success.



#14  2014  Livermore Rodeo Parade's Grand Marshall Sheila M. Fagliano
Here to celebrate the 100th Annual Livermore Rodeo is our 2014 Parade's Grand Marshall, Sheila Fagliano, who is also a very popular member of our Rotary club.




#15  Doan Truck with Livermore Downtown Inc. Board and Family
Here's a 1923 Doan truck, driven by Past President Don Podesta, with the Livermore Downtown, Inc. Board and their families.





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