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The Livermore Flagpole Removal

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Flagpole Removal, Oct 7, 2004
Flagpole Removal 2, Oct 7, 2004
New Flagpole - June 17, 2005
New Pole being Assembled - June 17, 2005
The Flagpole is Raised - June 17, 2005
Dedication (1) - July 4, 2005 - the ceremony
Dedication (2) - July 4, 2005 - raising the flag
Dedication (3) - July 4, 2005 - people
Dedication (4) - July 4, 2005 - the flag
100th anniversary of the flagpole(1) - Sept 9, 2005
100th anniversary of the flagpole(2) - Sept 9, 2005

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Due to structural problems, the Livermore Flagpole was removed Thursday, October 7, 2004.
The new one was installed June 17, 2005 (see photos)


View of the 4 cuts

Top section (71 feet up)

2nd Section (41 feet up)

3rd Section (11 feet up)

Loaded in the truck, this is the base of the pole, and the plaque.
This cut was not as clean, as the saw chain wore out half way through.


The flagpole from the new parking garage. 
This view was only available for about 2 weeks.


Looking up from the base of the flagpole.
The brackets held the lights.
The moon can be seen on the far left side near the top.
this photo was taken about 8:30am the day it came down.

The ball from the top of the flagpole

The bottom section shortly after being removed.

The top section of the flag pole, showing the pulley for the rope.
The black pulley is an old one, which is frozen up due to paint.

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