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Southern Pacific Depot Reconstruction

SP depot, probably around 1973 prior to the renovation.  Looking West  No Trespassing signs are posted on the building.  Most of the freight depot is gone in this picture, replaced by a loading ramp.  The tracks are still in place.  The signal wire pole is still in place, and what may be track can be seen between the depot and the pickup truck. 
The buildings on the right side are on the other side of the tracks, but still south of Railroad Ave (now a parking lot area).  Sign reads "Livermore Builders Supply Co" (see additional photo).  "Pabco Paint" is on the sign on the left side of the middle of the three.  The far corner of the left most of these three buildings would now be the corner of L St. and Railroad Ave.

SP depot during renovation, probably around 1973.

The north side of the Depot during reconstruction.  The west side window is was made into a door.  A staircase now goes up the side.

Following reconstruction.  The portion to the right was added as a kitchen for a restaurant that was operated in the reconstructed depot.



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