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Additional Railroad Photos


The Southern Pacific Depot at Altamont in May of 1955. At bottom: "Southern Pacific No. 401 with engine 4229, a 4-8-8-2, at Altamont, Calif, May 1955"


Central Pacific engine "The Rambler" near Anspacher Warehouse (note the "AN" on the roof at right).  This is probably looking south east from Railroad Ave between L and M streets.


Train wrecks and derailments were common.  The paper sometimes lists several within a week.

Train Wreck near Livermore, probably in the Altamont. Overturned box card has "Rock Island" insignia on the left side.

Train Wreck near Livermore, probably in the Altamont. "Western Pacific" is written on one of the cars.

"Train #210 Newspaper train leaving eastern entrance of tunnel 22". Probably the Niles Canyon tunnel on the Western Pacific line.

Railroad Tunnel. Co I Guarding RR - WWI. Probably the WP tunnel in Niles Canyon.

Relocating the Southern Pacific railroad tracks. Taken at Murrieta Blvd looking east. On the right is the original SP alignment. New tracks go from the center to the left, along the Western Pacific alignment. The SP tracks were later pulled up.  Stanley Blvd would be off to the right just south of the tracks.

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