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Livermore History - Altamont 2

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The Summit Hotel, and the Altamont Library


The Summit Hotel, Altamont.  Built in 1868.
Sign above balcony appears to have "Hires" in white letters
Signs on windows:  "Meals at all Hours?", and Altamont Post Office.
On side:  "Eats", "Oh Henry", and "Kennedy
Sign sticking out in front:  "Hot Coffee??".


The Altamont Library.  Originally a church, the building was moved to a location west of the Summit Garage.

Another view of the library


The Altamont Library
Door of truck reads:  Summit Garage, Altamont Calif.  Phone 447-3010?   447-0495


Some sort of manufacturing in the Altamont around 1953.

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