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Livermore History - Altamont 1
Summit School

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Altamont is located in the Altamont hills east of Livermore, on what is now Altamont Pass Road, but was Highway 50.  There are a few buildings existing, including the Summit Garage, and on old warehouse.

Altamont was established in 1868 when the SP railroad line was put in.  The SP right of way can still be clearly seen in the area.  The Western Pacific tracks (now Union Pacific) are slightly north and are still in use by freight trains, and the Altamont Commuter Express.

Altamont had a railroad turntable to turn around helper steam engines, which were used to get the trains up the hill from Livermore.  There was another turntable in Livermore, which can be seen on the 1889 poster, to turn the engines around for another trip up the hill.


Summit Public School in the Altamont  Most of these photos were taken July 21, 1969.  The School has since been torn down.
The "Summit Public School" sign in the photo below is now displayed in the Duarte Garage in Livermore.

Summit School.  This photo is older than the others.  The building looks in pretty good shape here.  The sign, fence, and flagpole are still in place.
The school was built in the late 1800s, and was used until about 1955.

Inside the Summit School, July 1969


July 1969

Two fence posts, where the gate was, appear to still be in place.

July 1969

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