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Walgreens Construction
Page 1 - Demolition

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Page 1 - Demolition
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Walgreens is building a store at the corner of 1st Street and P Street
According to the sign, it is scheduled to open in the 3rd quarter of 2012.

It will replace the buildings that were Hollywood Video (Security Pacific Bank prior to that) and the Tire Mart
Hollywood Video had closed the store several years ago.  Tire Mart has now moved to 3511 First Street.

Demolition photos are included here.  Construction photos will follow.

Proposed site plan.
This is a photo of the sign on the property.


Hollywood Video in September 2006

Tire Mart in September 2006


The Demolition

Demolition on 12/28/2011 about 10:00am

The concrete that surrounded the vault is in the near corner.  It was about a foot thick with lots of rebar.

The framing of the overhang.  Taken from the sidewalk on P Street, looking south-east.

Looking north from 1st Street.


Tire Mart building ready for demolition

12/28/2011, about 3:40pm