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Ruby Hill Winery
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 New Winery
Page 10 - New Winery Site Grading
Page 11 - Pouring the Slab
Page 12 - The Walls
Page 13 - Installing the Roof
Page 14 - The Fountain
Page 15 - The Brick Facade
Page 16 - Finishing touches outside
Page 17 - Tasting Room
Page 18 - Barrel Room
Page 19 - Finished Winery
The Newest Ruby Hill
The Ruby Hill Winery
Tasting Room
(corner of Vineyard & Isabel)
Page 20 - Outside
Page 21 - Tasting Room    

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The original three story Ruby Hill Winery was built in 1887 by John Crellin.  His son Charles Crellin took over when he died, and sold the vineyard to Ernest Ferrario in 1921.  In the 1970s the winery was sold to the Southern Pacific Railroad.  In 1975 Stony Ridge Winery was established at Ruby Hill by Harry & Leonard Rosingana, leasing the winery from Southern Pacific.  Lanny Replogle, now owner of Fenestra Winery was the winemaker.  The winery was sold to Computerland in 1982 with plans to build a training campus.  Friends of the Vineyards was formed to prevent this and other land from being lost from viticulture.  On November 8, 1989, the winery burned, leaving only the front and back walls.  It sat until May 18, 2002, when it was demolished.  The bricks from the original winery have been used to cover the front and sides of the new winery.

The west side of the new winery is home to the Mitchell Katz Winery.
The east side of the new winery is used by Wente for storage of Barrels of aging wine.

Most of the photos on Ruby Hill pages 7 through 18 were taken by Bob Myers, a photographer who lived in Livermore from 1956 to 2005.  He and Wilma now resides in Arizona.  Special thanks goes to Wilma Myers for supplying those and other photos for use on this site.

Ruby Hill Wine Cellars, 1896.  Looking east.  Workers are in the field.
This photo appeared in the Tri-Valley Herald 1896 Midwinter Edition.

The Old and New

Original Ruby Hill Winery, looking southwest.

Similar view of the new winery.  Taken 9/30/06

This photo Courtesy of the Livermore Heritage Guild
Ruby Hill circa 1971.

This photo Courtesy of the Livermore Heritage Guild
Small section of the January 1889 drawing of Livermore.  #8 is Ruby Hill, listed as:
John Crellin's "Ruby Hill" Vineyard and Cellar - 200 acres
This drawing was published 2 years after the old winery was built.

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