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2014 Little LeagueŽ Intermediate World Series
Photos and Information
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Preparing the fields

A scoreboard was added above the scoring booth, which is visible in the outfield.
Most of the fans sit in the outfield.  Last year it was difficult to see the main scoreboard, which is located in right-center field.

The dugouts are being moved down the 1st and 3rd base lines to provide additional space for bleachers.
This is on the 3rd base side, generally used for the home team.

Preparing to pour the pad on the 1st base side.






The outfield area has now been built up and covered with bark.

The new dugouts are in.
The dugout was previously on the pad at the left, but has been moved down the baseline.

Inside the new dugout

Bat racks were installed on 7/23/2014



Moving the bleachers from the other fields.



Setting up for webcasting


2 sets of bleachers in the left field area.

Picking up rocks from the infield.

Looking to right field at the bleachers










Putting up the banners


This is how you clear the water out of the faucet connection!


The field is Ready!!



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