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Bankhead Theater - Livermore
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6 - Bankhead Theater - Aug 2007

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Bankhead Theater, inside and out - August 16, 2007

The latest view of the theater.
The doors are installed.  The green tarp on the fence is gone.

The bricks are going in.  These are the blank ones.
The inscribed ones are at the engraver at this time and will be installed soon.

The Plaza from the upper level of the Bankhead Theater
The bricks go into the four area in the lower part of the photo.

The plaza from the theater lobby.

The seating area from the stage.

This is one of the 2 "Star" dressing rooms on the east side of the theater

Sky lights in the lobby area.
These let in an abundance of light during the day, but also will also allow light to shine onto the top of the building at night.

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