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Bankhead Theater - Livermore
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5 - Inside the 500 seat theater - June 21, 2007

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Performing Arts Theater - June 21, 2007


From near the back center of the seating area
The stage is in the center.  The seats will go in the foreground.

The stage is again in the center of the photo.

Looking up to the seating area from near the stage

Looking across the seating area from the east side.  The stage is at the far right.

Looking straight back to the seating area from in front of the stage.

The Orchestra Pit
If there is an orchestra, the flooring will be on the lower set of rails.
The boxes are sitting in an area below the orchestra.
With no orchestra, the flooring will be on the upper set of rails, and will be an extension of the stage.

Most of the glass is now in place at the entrance area.


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