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Previous Page   Farmers Exchange:  Hotel on the east side of L St, between 1st and Railroad.
Washington Hotel: Was on the SE corner of 1st and L.
Valley Hotel:  On the SW corner of 1st and L.  The Annex on the right remains.
Livermore Hotel:  By the flagpole.
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The Valley Hotel was on the South West corner of 1st & L Streets, across L from the Washington Hotel.  Built around 1872 or 1873, it was originally the Morning Star Hotel, then the Commercial Hotel, the name was changed to Valley Hotel in February 1908.  Construction began on the annex (the right side) in June of 1908, which was opened in November.  The original hotel was wooden, and was torn down in 1962, when it and other wooden structures were condemned as unsafe.  The annex is made of concrete, and remains today, used as a residential hotel.


Taken about 1910 looking west on 1st St.

Between 1908 and 1916
Sign on far left reads "Enterprise Steam beer"

The overhang is now gone, meaning that it is probably post 1916.  The name on the window reads "Hotel Valley".  Above the door reads "Steam Heat - Rooms with Bath"

The Valley Hotel today.  Only the Annex remains, which is used as a residential Hotel.  The location of the main hotel is now a travel business.

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