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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2024
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All of the photos contained on these web pages are also available at my photo sharing site at:

All of the photos contained on these web pages are also available at my photo sharing site at:
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Entries 101-107


#101 - Livermore Police Department
Leading off the 2024 Livermore Rodeo Parade are units from the Livermore Police Department Livermore PD Traffic Unit, comprising of (3) motorcycle officers and a Sergeant, all riding BMW Motorcycles. Chief Young is riding on the float with members of the Livermore Police Department and their families.










#102 - VFW Post # 7265 Color Guard
VFW Post 7265 Color Guard consists of members from the Vietnam War, Korea Defense and Iraq War. Following the color guard is a WWII Jeep restored by Michael Gilmore, and another jeep owned by Ron Gillette, both former Commanders of the post followed by the newly formed Livermore Post 7265 VFW Auxiliary.









#103 - Alameda County Sheriff's Mounted Posse
 The Alameda County Sheriff's Mounted Posse, representing Sheriff Yesenia Sanchez is honored to be a part of the Livermore Rodeo Parade. Since the 1940's the Posse has represented the Sheriff's Department in parades, including 2023 Tournament of Roses Parade, county fairs, rodeos, memorials, that include the "Riderless Horse", and Cowboy's Honor Rides. The posse is under the command of Captain Shari Hiibel.





#104 - Livermore Rodeo Pro Queen – Vika Pereyda
Miss Livermore Rodeo Queen 2024 Vika (pronounced Vee-ka) Pereyda is honored and excited to represent the “World’s Fastest Livermore Rodeo”. Today she is riding in the parade on her horse Boone. Vika was born in Russia and resides in Livermore, CA. She is pursuing a degree in Education. Vika looks forward to seeing everyone at this year’s 106th Livermore Rodeo this weekend.



#105 - Livermore Rodeo Jr. Queen – Marlie Jaegel
Miss Livermore Junior Rodeo 2024, Marlie Jaegel, is riding her horse Brandy. She is from Livermore, attends Livermore High school, and is very involved with FFA and the Rodeo SPURS group. She hopes to see you all at the Livermore Junior Rodeo June 15th.


#106 - Livermore Rodeo Presidents Dave Finster & Kathleen Minser in a 1930 Model A Driven By: Past President Craig Rivers
The 2024 Livermore Stockmen’s Rodeo Association President, Dave Finster, and the Livermore Rodeo Foundation President, Kathleen Minser, want to welcome all the Rodeo fans. They are longtime Livermore residents and have been a part of the Rodeo for many years. They would like to thank the directors, associate directors, active past directors and volunteers for all their hard work, to keep the spirit and tradition of the Livermore Rodeo alive. They are looking forward to seeing all of the Rodeo Fans this weekend at Livermore’s 106th “Worlds Fastest Rodeo


#107 - Large Horse Drawn Stage Coach – Driven By: Shawn Silva
Riding in the stagecoach is Livermore Rodeo representatives and family members.








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