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Livermore History - May School

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May school when it was in use.

Water tower at May School   Around 1915 to 1918
Minnie Cardoze Foster, Helen Mondot are on the tower.

Kids in water tower, May School. 1915-18 Edith Raymond Rasmussen, Louise Fannuchi Fischer, Mabel Rose Meyers, Phyllis Mondot, Helen Mondot, Margaret Raymond Brown.

May School boarded up.

Gathering for the restoration.  Around 1975

Roof reconstruction, around 1975.

May School burned down late at night on December 28, 1979.  As can be seen in the photo, the building was completely destroyed.
The Livermore Heritage Guild had been working to restore the school since 1974, having put many hundreds of hours of work into the project.
It is believed to have been arson.
At the time the Guild was planning to install a fence and board up the windows to prevent vandalism.

This photo was reportedly taken the day before the fire.




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