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Livermore Valley Wine Country Golf Championship
on the PGA Nationwide Tour

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Photos from Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tom Gillis hits is 2nd shot of the 4th.


Sebastian Fernandez hits his 2nd shot on the 4th with Cresta Blanca in the background.


Guy Boros hits out of the sand on the 2nd hole.


Joe Daley putts for par on the 2nd.  The ball is in the hole, 2 to 3 yards away.

Hunter Haas hitting from the extreme rough on the 4th.
The ball is right in front of the golf bag.  It only goes about 6 yards.
There is quite a clump of grass on the end of the club.

Hunter Haas hits his 3rd shot on the 4th.


Hunter Haas chipping onto the green.  The ball is just above the grape vines.
The hole # should be obvious.


Hunter Haas putts on the 4th.

Guy Boros hits his 2nd shot on the 4th.

Guy Boros putts on the 4th.


Joe Daley putts on the 4th.


Aron Price hits his 2nd shot on the 4th.


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